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Joint Effort: A Collaborative Surgery Revolutionizing Hip Preservation



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Tune in for a discussion with two doctors on their approaches to helping patients alleviate hip pain and preserve hip function.

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    Dr. Robert Christian and Dr. Samuel Van De Velde are orthopedic surgeons with two different specializations, but one common goal, which is to alleviate pain and preserve their patient’s native hip function for as long as possible. With Dr. Christian’s sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery background, and Dr. Van de Velde’s expertise in periacetabular Ganz osteotomy, the uniquely qualified pair run a combination clinic focused on hip preservation that is one of few in the country to offer this type of collaborative treatment approach.

    Dr. Christian and Dr. Van de Velde’s backgrounds are a complementary combination. At their clinic, they see, diagnose, and determine treatment for their patients together. Dr. Christian takes on minimally invasive procedures, utilizing arthroscopy to address extra bone growth that can limit range of motion and can lead to labral tears. Dr. Van de Velde specializes in a more invasive type of surgery: periacetabular Ganz osteotomy. In complex cases, the two surgeons combine for a full-day surgery, where they each use their specialized surgical approach. Through their unique collaboration, the duo is able to provide optimal treatment for their patients and help to preserve their hip function for as long as possible. Learn more about their approach with Dr. Robert Christian, Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon at NewYork-Presbyterian and Columbia, and Dr. Samuel Van de Velde, Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian and Columbia.

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Schedule26 May 2024