CMV Infection After Transplant: Who’s at Risk and How to Manage?

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CMV Infection After Transplant: Who’s at Risk and How to Manage?



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Find out which of our patients are at risk for cytomegalovirus infection after HCT and SOT and how we can manage them.

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  • Overview

    Unfortunately, cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection occurs in many patients after hematopoietic-cell transplantation (HCT) and solid-organ transplant (SOT). In fact, it occurs in as high as 75 percent of SOT recipients and up to 30 percent of HCT recipients.1 Given this prevalence, effectively managing CMV is essential to help improve transplant outcomes.2-4 That’s why Dr. Jennifer Caudle speaks with Dr. Cedric Spak about the impacts and risk factors associated with CMV infection along with key management strategies. Dr. Spak is a Physician Partner at Texas Centers for Infectious Disease Associates.

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