Medical Editorial: How To Maximize The Impact of Educational Activities?

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How To Maximize The Impact of Educational Activities?

How To Maximize The Impact of Educational Activities?
How can the medical education industry benefit from predictive modeling?
  • Overview

    In medical education, it is frequently asked whether an activity was successful, ie. improved outcomes. But, it rarely asks “why”.  What factors contribute to the success or failure of CE activities and how can CE providers ensure they are developing and implementing activities that improve patient outcomes?

    Jamie Reiter, PhD* and Whitey Faler, MPA from CME Outfitters, LLC sit down with Alicia Sutton at the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions annual conference to discuss the “why” behind successful and unsuccessful educational activities and the approaches CE providers should understand in creating medical education. More specifically, the value of using predictive modeling and how best to implement this into your activities.

    *Jamie Reiter, PhD is now the Chief Executive Officer of MedEvaluate. 

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