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Alicia A. Sutton
Alicia A. Sutton
  • EVP
  • USH
Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
Product Launch: Live Broadcasts, Meetings, and Enrollment
Villanova Panel Discussion: Using Technology to Enhance Patient-Centered Care
Data Analytics in CME: Bringing Quality Improvement to the Next Level
Improving Patient Engagement in a Complex Healthcare System
Learning Without Borders: Effective Medical Education Design in the Mobile Age
Are Interactive Education Models the Key to a New Era in CME?12/05/2017
Shared Decision Making in Clinical Care: Impacts on Both Patients & Providers12/12/2017
Introducing Regenerative Medicine to the Broader Medical Community09/08/2016
New Trends and Strategies with 'On Demand' Medical Education 01/30/2018
Team-Based Care Models: Treating Patients at the Right Time and Cost02/22/2018
The Flipped Classroom: Leveraging Student Knowledge in Medical Education 09/28/2017
Data Visualization in Medicine: Effective Designs for Successful Education 02/06/2018
The Gravity of Success: Thriving in a Changing Business Environment11/22/2017
Addressing Opioid Misuse and Abuse: A Focus on REMS Programs01/16/2018
Tools to Improve Patient Engagement in Health Care02/14/2018
How to Build a Quality Improvement Education (QIE) Roadmap for Practice Success11/16/2017
Google Hangouts: Are They Useful for Medical Education?10/12/2017
Highlights from the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions Annual Conference01/08/2018
Utilizing Social Media in Medicine: Professional Applications for Improved Patient Care01/01/2018
Big Data in Medicine: "The Good, the Bad, and the Creepy" Implications for Patient Care12/25/2017
Workplace Culture and its Impact on Health Outcomes01/23/2018
The Looming Shortage of Primary Care Physicians11/27/2017
How Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Models Impact Medical Education11/30/2017
Creative Collaborations in Quality Improvement Modeling09/21/2017
Big Data in Quality Improvement: The Clinician's Role11/09/2017
The Impacts of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) on Medical Education03/17/2016
How to Use Medical Education as a Tool for Practice Quality Improvement03/16/2017
The Learning Process Revolution in Medicine: Embracing Quality Metrics02/19/2016
How Knowledge Translation and Quality Improvement Impact Medical Learning03/17/2016
Impacts of Government Legislation on Medical Education09/15/2016
Health Information Technology's Role in Quality Improvement for Clinical Education12/17/2015
What is Quality Improvement Really About? Answers from Duke's Clinical Research Institute09/04/2015
Quality Improvement Education: Harnessing Interdisciplinary Teams, Patient Data, & EHRs10/03/2016
Unveiling The "Concept Cars" of Innovative Medical Education Models08/13/2015
Shifting Towards Quality Improvement Standards in Medical Education06/06/2014

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