Medical Editorial: How to Achieve Patient Satisfaction Through Culturally Aware Communication

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How to Achieve Patient Satisfaction Through Culturally Aware Communication

Drs. Aboulsoud & Uhlmann enlighten healthcare teams on how to achieve patient satisfaction through cultural competence and cultural awareness.
  • Overview

    Due to research and studies, health care teams are improving and understanding cultural sensitivity issues and cultural competence. However, we still have much to learn. At the Alliance for Continuing Education in Healthcare Professions 2018 annual meeting, host Alicia Sutton interviewed Samar Aboulsoud, MD and Miriam Uhlmann, PhD about their presentation "A Means to an End: Achieving Patient Satisfaction Through Culturally Sensitive Communication". 

    In this discussion, Drs. Aboulsoud and Uhlmann discuss their personal and professional experience with educating health care teams to deepen the medical knowledge and clinical skills of those who provide holistic approaches for patient care. Furthermore, it will  challenge clinician’s understanding of what affects their interactions and understandings that can impact patient care, compliance, and outcomes.

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