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Spanning Broadcast Medicine to Big-Wave Surfing: The Life, Career and Hobbies of Dr. Bob Arnot

Dr. Bob Arnot chats about his prolific career as a medical correspondent as well as an endurance athlete.
  • Overview

    Dr. Bob Arnot is an award-winning medical correspondent for NBC and CBS News and served as MSNBC’s chief foreign correspondent in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    He also worked as an Olympic physician and is a sports enthusiast who competes in Ironman events, triathlons, marathons, big-wall ice climbing, Himalayan climbs, the 100-mile Canadian ski marathon, 24-hour bike races, big wave surfing and stand-up paddling.

    Host Dr. Brian McDonough sits down with Dr. Arnot to talk about his medical career and his involvement in endurance sports competitions.  His  broad experiences allow for unique insights into pain management, opioid addiction, and living and working through injuries. 

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