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Brian P. McDonough, MD, FAAFP
Brian P. McDonough, MD, FAAFP
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Changing the Conversation in Palliative and Hospice Care09/17/2018
    Life Lessons on Coping with the Stress and Pressure of Being a Healthcare Provider09/17/2018
    A Fresh Approach to Tackling Obstacles of Obesity
    Eliminating the Stigma of Opioid Addiction09/03/2018
    IBD Expert Panel: When is the Right Time to Refer to GI?08/26/2018
    IBD Preventive Care: Clinical Priorities for Best Patient Outcomes08/26/2018
    Rethinking Pain Management in an Opioid Epidemic: Prevention and Treatment Updates08/30/2018
    Preparing for MACRA in Your Primary Care Practice06/04/2018
    The Biophysics of Minimizing Brain Damage After Hemorrhagic Stroke05/31/2018
    Senator John Barrasso, MD on the State of American Health Care03/29/2018
    The Wild Turmeric Cure: 4000 Years of Healing Applications06/12/2018
    The Laughing Heart: A Cardiologist's Life and Career Lessons from Joan Rivers05/23/2018
    Behind the Black Box: The Dark Side of Big Pharma Research
    Rules of Healthy Eating: Changing the Gulp-and-Go Lifestyle06/13/2018
    Tobacco Cessation: Clinical and Public Health Perspectives on Breaking the Habit04/26/2018
    Dietary Changes to Manage PCOS08/31/2018
    Guiding Breast Cancer Patients Through the Care Journey: Practice Pearls for PCPs09/23/2018
    How Pediatricians and Parents Help Children Cope With Stress02/15/2018
    Informatics from Concussions to Congestive Heart Failure and beyond: Reflections from an Insuranc...06/20/2018
    The Anxious Physician's Guide to Reducing Workplace Stress06/21/2018
    Cyber Warfare in Medicine: Protecting Your Electronic Medical Records05/10/2018
    PCOS: Naturopathic Diagnostic and Management Strategies08/10/2018
    Finding Personal Fulfilment at Work and Home05/14/2018
    Stop and Smell the Roses, Literally: The Anosmic Patient's Guide to Smell Training09/07/2017
    Challenges and Solutions to Alzheimer's Research Funding Barriers08/31/2017
    Preventing a Prescription for Abuse: Alternatives to Opioid Narcotics for Pain After Surgery03/16/2017
    Bronchitis Symptoms and Treatment Considerations
    Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Aneurysms
    Bariatric Surgery and Weight Loss in Women Have Health Benefits for Their Babies
    Is Acetaminophen Usage Safe During Pregnancy?
    Panel Discussion: Innovative and Collaborative Inter-Professional Approaches to Care
    The Big Chill: Cryotherapy and the Science of Medical Freezing06/01/2017
    Orthopaedic Trauma: Healing Bones & Restoring Function04/06/2017
    Recognizing Complex Presentations of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder12/16/2015
    Preventing and Treating Skin Cancer: Primary Care Priorities12/16/2015
    Uncommon Details on Common Ocular Conditions09/29/2016
    Hot Topics in Diabetes: What Endocrinologists are Talking About07/31/2015
    Eye Care for Generalists: How to Catch the Worst Problems Early12/17/2015
    Bringing Telemedicine into Primary Care06/28/2016
    Everything You Thought You Knew About Physician Shortages: AAMC's Dr. Atul Grover06/14/2016
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Type IV Allergies: Making the Connection in Practice06/21/2016
    Donovan Green, Author of "No Excuses Fitness"05/01/2015
    Updates From the Pollen Vortex: Strategies to Combat the Worst Allergy Season Ever04/17/2015
    When Google Met Mayo Clinic: Evolving Partnerships in Search Engine-Optimized Health Information04/03/2015
    Is the Y Chromosome Disappearing?
    How Plate Size Affects Portion Size
    Why We Walk in Circles
    The Biomechanics of Thinking About the Future
    Updated Target Blood Sugar Levels for Type 2 Diabetes Patients
    Strides in Pancreatic Cancer Research
    Vitamin D and Osteoporosis: What’s the Real Connection?
    Exercise Encourages Brain Health and Cognitive Function
    Depression During Pregnancy Linked to Depression in Offspring
    Are Scare Tactics in Commercials Effective?
    Boosting Mental Health and Behavioral Therapy Resources in Primary Care09/12/2016
    ReachMD Panel on Exercise Recommendations: Guiding Patients to Healthier Lifestyles
    Vibrating Capsules: A New Way to Treat Chronic Constipation02/23/2018
    Management of Acute Stroke: Perspectives from a Neurointerventional Radiologist 05/05/2016
    ReachMD Panel on the CDC's Top 10 Public Health Threats: A Year in Review
    The Impact of Stress on Heart Attack Risk and Recovery in Women09/14/2018
    The Politics of Measles: Ethical Considerations in the National Vaccination Debate12/02/2015
    Healthy Eating Guidance for Weight (and Age?) Loss: Marla Heller, Author of The DASH Diet08/24/2018
    Promoting Safe Sleeping Environments for Infants: Why Appearances are Deceiving03/16/2016
    Digital Eye Strain: What Are the Long Term Health Implications?06/24/2016
    Brains and Biotech: Cognition and Memory Research from the Life Science Industry05/05/2016
    Economics, Education, and Enterovirus: Three E-Barriers to Asthma/Allergy Care03/18/2016
    Knee Replacement Procedures: When to Hold vs Refer Your Patients12/15/2015
    Overcoming Ignorance and Stigmatization of Mental Illness in Primary Care12/29/2015
    EKG as a Screening Test?
    Lengthening Telomeres?
    Stand Up for Cancer Prevention
    Omega-3's and Brain Function: Preventing Dementia?
    Good Girl, Lassie!
    Antenatal/ Adolescent Depression Link
    Decompression Syndrome
    The Most Important Meal of the Day
    Radiation Exposure
    Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs
    Discovering the Unseen Risks of DNA Testing02/20/2018
    Herbal Supplements for Women: What's Safe? What's Effective?06/03/2016
    Can Alternative Hospital Gowns Impact the Inpatient Experience?02/22/2017
    Addressing the "Freshman 15" in Young Adult Weight Management11/21/2014
    Medical Practice Dissected: Are the Days of Marcus Welby Long Gone?10/31/2014
    Supporting Veganism and Dietary Change in Primary Care Practice09/14/2016
    Ebola Virus: Controlling the Spread in Africa and the U.S.08/22/2014
    American College of Physicians' Guidelines on Pelvic Exam Screening05/04/2018
    Why are We Still Spending So Much Money on Healthcare?09/18/2015
    The Use and Misuse of Narcotic Pain Medication in Primary Care08/01/2014
    Cancer Screening and Prevention: Bringing Primary Care Up to Speed10/14/2015
    Cancer Risk of Sitting Down07/08/2014
    Diabetic Breathalyzers Could Replace Finger Sticks07/08/2014
    Calorie Counters07/08/2014
    Health Benefits of Pet Ownership07/08/2014
    Talking to Your Teen Patients About Sex07/08/2014
    Sugar Sweetened Drinks and Weight Gain07/08/2014
    Legalization of Medical Marijuana: Dr. Kimberly Richter's Unique Perspective10/16/2015
    Primary Care for a New Age: Direct Care and Hybridized Practice Models10/14/2015
    Deciphering Chronic Pain and Pain Medicine11/17/2015
    Roles of the Behaviorist in Primary Care Practice10/15/2015
    Physician Attitudes on Natural Family Planning09/05/2016
    Controversies in Breast Feeding Education and Advocacy05/25/2018
    IT Audits and Compliance in Medical Care11/18/2015
    Big Data and Health Care05/02/2014
    Living with a Chronic Disease: The Patient's Perspective06/17/2016
    Quality Measurement and Improvement in Primary Care04/18/2014
    ENT Perspectives on Smell and Taste Sensory Deficits04/11/2014
    The Patient-Centered Medical Home04/04/2014
    OB/GYN in Primary Care and Medical Education03/16/2018
    The Creative Destruction of Medicine03/21/2014
    Anosmia: Neurobiology and Clinical Presentations03/14/2014
    Using Mobile Technology To Facilitate Primary Care09/11/2015
    When Doctors 'Google' Their Patients07/17/2015
    Fractured: America's Broken Health Care System and What We Must Do to Heal it08/07/2015
    The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine09/04/2015
    Pulse: Voices From the Heart of Medicine09/11/2015
    Supporting Better Infrastructure for Family Medicine Practitioners05/16/2014
    The Complete Diabetes Organizer's Tips for Clinicians11/07/2014
    Win, Lose, or Draw: Treating Sports Injuries in Primary Care06/12/2015
    Perspectives on Cosmetic Medicine's Emergence in Primary Care12/27/2013
    Updates on Lyme Disease06/26/2015
    Managing Pain Complaints in Primary Care01/03/2014
    Envisioning Quality Care in an Integrated Health System10/10/2014
    Voices of Experience: How To Speak About Medicine10/30/2017
    The Psychology of Eating Disorders and Chemical Sensory Dysfunction10/03/2014
    The Patient-Centered Medical Home: Does It Work for Primary Care?02/07/2014
    Ethical Issues Across the Primary Care Spectrum01/16/2015
    Leveraging Social Media in Clinical Practice09/13/2013
    Treating Depression in Primary Care Settings12/26/2014
    Pharmacy Collaborations in Primary Care07/05/2013
    Addressing Allergies in Primary Care08/30/2013
    Reimagining the Patient-Centered Medical Home08/23/2013
    The Fertility Nurses Forum: A Review06/10/2016
    The Social Determinants of Health07/26/2013
    Updates in Sleep Medicine for Internists07/19/2013
    Perspectives on Stress Reduction from a Sports Medicine Specialist06/07/2013
    Updates in Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing10/28/2016
    Addressing and Managing Constipation in Clinical Practice05/05/2016
    Eating Disorders: Recognition and Treatment in Primary Care05/25/2018
    Evaluation and Treatment of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding03/21/2018
    Updates in Pharmacy Informatics09/25/2015
    Perspectives on Establishing an Office-Based EMR10/02/2015
    Clinical Pearls in Osteoporosis & Fracture Prevention09/24/2018
    Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements: The "Real Scoop" on Evidence06/18/2018

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