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Adventures of a Female Medical Detective: Dr. Mary Guinan's Pursuit of Smallpox and AIDS

Dr. Mary Guinan talks about her life and career as a female medical detective on the frontlines of smallpox and HIV/AIDS.
  • Overview

    Dr. Mary Guinan was one of the first scientists to conduct an initial investigation into the emerging HIV/AIDS epidemic for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  Additionally, she was one of the first female physicians to work on smallpox eradication and has been a leading researcher and educator on sexually transmitted diseases.

    Dr. Mary Guinan is the founding dean of the School of Community Health Sciences at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is now a professor emerita.

    She joins Dr. Jennifer Caudle to discuss her book, Adventures of a Female Medical Detective which explores Dr. Guinan's life in medicine, including her many experiences with emerging disease outbreaks and the efforts to control them. She provides a unique female perspective from a time when very few women worked in the field.  

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