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11 Essential Foods for Infants and Children: Guidelines to Healthy Eating

Dr. Jennifer Caudle talks with Dr. Tanya Altmann about what to feed children to ensure a lifetime of healthy eating.
  • Overview

    Parents today are bombarded with confusing and sometimes harmful information in regard to which foods are best to give their kids.  Nutritional guidelines are constantly changing and parents don’t know who to trust for medically sound and proven advice that works.

    Host Dr. Jennifer Caudle sits down with Dr. Tanya Altmann, pediatrician, founder of Calabasas Pediatrics, and author of the book, What to Feed Your Baby: A Pediatrician’s Guide to the 11 Essential Foods to Guarantee Veggie-Loving, No Fuss, Healthy Eating Kids. The two talk about the importance of introducing children to healthy eating habits from an early age to ensure a good eating adult lifestyle.

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