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The Patient Journey From Outpatient to Inpatient Care: Improving Quality and Safety

Dr. David Badolato shares his ongoing investigations into the key issues behind miscommunications between caregivers during patient transfers of care.
  • Overview

    It's estimated that 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunications between caregivers during the transfer of patients. But investigations are ongoing to identify the key issues behind these miscommunications, and how patient centered, value based care can address them.

    Host Dr. Matt Birnholz speaks with Dr. David Badolato, family physician and founder and CEO of Life Laboratory, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization dedicated to research and education in quality models of care. Dr. Badolato authored an article published in Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare titled “The Patient-Family Journey From Outpatient to Inpatient: Improving Quality and Safety With the Outpatient EMR and PCP Collaboration.”

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