Neuromodulation Therapy: Emerging Treatment Option for Epilepsy beyond Medication

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Neuromodulation Therapy: Emerging Treatment Option for Epilepsy Beyond Medication

Dr. Robert Fisher explains how neuromodulation therapy can be a beneficial tool for treatment of epilepsy.
  • Overview

    While most people with epilepsy are treated with medications, other modalities such as surgery, diet, and neuromodulation are often necessary.  Since the FDA approval of the vagus nerve stimulator in 1997, there has been a growing interest in neuromodulation. A second, more sophisticated device, the responsive neurostimulator, received FDA approval in 2013. 

    Host Andrew Wilner talks with Dr. Robert Fisher, Professor of Neurology and Director of the Sandford Epilepsy Center at Stanford University about the role of neuromodulation therapy for treatment of epilepsy.

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