Getting Started in Direct Primary Care: What’s Involved?

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Getting Started in Direct Primary Care: What’s Involved?

Getting Started in Direct Primary Care: What’s Involved?
Dr. Singer & Dr. Larkin discuss how Direct Primary Care works, and the benefits of this practice for both patients and physicians.
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    Direct Primary Care, or DPC, is a new healthcare model that focuses on affordability, accessibility and personalization. Health insurance is an obstacle that many patients face and one of DCP's goals is to create an affordable way for patients to get the healthcare they need at a reasonable price with a physician who has the time to see them.

    Joining Dr. Andrea Singer in this emerging discussion of Direct Primary Care is Dr. Lisa Larkin, President and CEO of Lisa Larkin M.D. & Associates, Internal  Medicine and Women's Health Group Practice, Medical Director of Women's Health Services for TriHealth Corporate Health, and Founder of the Cinncinati Sexual Health Consortium in Cinncinati, Ohio. The two discuss both the benefits and challenges of Direct Primary Care as well as the similiarities and differences between DCP and traditional primary care.


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