Medical Program: Minimal Disease Activity as Alternate Target in PsA

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Minimal Disease Activity as Alternate Target in PsA

Minimal Disease Activity as Alternate Target in PsA
Since absolute remission can be hard to achieve, minimal disease activity (MDA) can be adopted as a treatment target. But what criteria validates MDA?
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    When assessing for low or minimal disease activity in psoriatic arthritis patients, there are three things you need to consider: patient-centered criteria, physical examination findings, and laboratory measures. Explore how you can use this combination of outcome measurements in your practice with rheumatologist and clinical researcher at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center at UCLA, Dr. Elizabeth Volkmann.

    Beyond Skin Deep: Impacts of Psoriatic Arthritis is sponsored by Lilly. Content for this a non-certified educational series is produced and controlled by ReachMD. This series is intended for health care professionals only.



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