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The Rise of Mood Tracking: How Big Data Can Transform Psychiatry

Dr. Adam Kaplin, founder and inventor of Mood 24/7, discusses the emergence of mood tracking portals and how they can transform mental health care.
  • Overview

    Mood tracking, a novel integration of technology with psychiatric care to track mental status changes over time, has the potential to fundamentally change how clinicians treat behavioral health disorders. Will smartphone apps become the vehicle for this technology to the wider masses?

    Dr. Adam Kaplin, Principle Psychiatric Consultant to the Johns Hopkins Multiple Sclerosis and Transverse Myelitis Centers of Excellence, is the founder and inventor of  Mood 24/7, a mobile app that allows people to record their mood daily and share this data with their health care providers to provide better accuracy in reporting mood symptoms. He joins Dr. Jennifer Caudle to discuss the emergence of mood tracking portals such as Mood 24/7 and the ways they can transform mental health care.

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