Immediate Solutions for Remote Recordings

Podcasts, Live Broadcasts, ReachMD Radio, and More

Remote Delivery of Your Educational Strategies—Made Easy

Remote live broadcasts, podcast recordings, Facebook Live, ReachMD Radio—everything you need to keep remote education rolling.

Remote audio and video broadcasting and media capture ensures hosts, guests, and learners do not need to travel to participate.

ReachMD’s unique all-digital platform delivers remote solutions such as live broadcasts (which includes a post-event podcast), ReachMD Radio, and Facebook Live (optional). We maximize remote engagement with education strategies.

Podcasts serve everyone’s needs—particularly when enhanced with graphics and video.

ReachMD’s library has 10,000 podcasts at any given time, and we bring those directly to the right target audiences every day.

Podcasts are easily created remotely so that hosts and guests have no need to travel, and users can engage 24/7 on any device.

ReachMD’s stats on podcast usage match those of other industries.

ReachMD’s website traffic has increased 17% over the previous 3 months, showing that users continue to seek digital education.

Our podcast usage aligns with other industries: Medical Economics reported ‘80 percent of podcast listeners consume most or all of the podcast episodes they open’, and Edison Research noted that ‘85% of people who listen to podcasts, listen to the end’.

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