3 Reasons to Jump into a Data Lake with Us

Advanced Analytics

60% increase in on-demand engagements by directing users to content in their preferred format.

From types and frequency of content engagements to user preferences for their favorite media formats, our 40+ data sources in our ‘Data Lake’ offer extensive insights into the behaviors and preferences of HCPs.

Clients rely on how we leverage our Data Lake to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and educational programs.


68% increase in page views based on personalized digital user experiences.

Personalization drives greater user engagement because content is aligned with each user’s behaviors and interests—bringing the right content to the right HCP at the right time. Our Data Lake tracks behaviors, preferences, profession, specialty, and more to deliver a high-value user experience.


233% increase in email open rates based on specialty-customized daily and weekly distributions..

ReachMD users receive precisely what is of interest to them because we customize their experiences. Our Data Lake of information tells us what interests each user and allows us to customize 30+ specialty-focused weekly newsletters.

These customization techniques increase engagement with our clients’ campaigns and programs.

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