ReachMD Reverb

A Content Reinforcement Strategy... and Much More

Introducing a unique way to reach two kinds of users.

ReachMD Reverb delivers a quick summary of key educational takeaways from a program on our platform – and it’s delivered in a succinct email. For some HPCs, this optimizes their retention of content already consumed.

But unique to Reverb is how it can be used to generate new audiences by piquing their interest in those same key nuggets.

Clear – Yet Unique – Touchpoints

Amortizing educational outreach delivers better return on education.

ReachMD Reverb is sent in two tracks: (1) Reverb is first directed to users' post-content engagement, and (2) then a refreshed version is directed to new users to generate interest in the content and increase our reach to the target audience.

This unique way to amortize Reverb across recent engagers and future engagers is a stand-out in HCP education.

Improved Ways to Track and Report on HCPs

ReachMD Reverb metrics reports include insights into opens and engagement with the original content.

ReachMD’s specialty is getting hard-to-reach healthcare professionals, and ReachMD Reverb is just one more method of interacting with and tracking HCPs. Combined with our other in-depth metrics, we provide solid analytics on every touchpoint with the target audience.

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