3 Cool Things Physicians Told Us About Digital Education

On-demand has the greatest impact.

Physician Preference Survey conducted by ReachMD

1,277 physicians rated ‘online on-demand education’ as having the greatest impact on improving clinical practice. [59%]

This was followed by (2) Symposia at National Meetings, (3) Live Local Meetings, (4) Online Live Education, and (5) Grand Rounds.

Digital media preferences span the spectrum.

Offering a program in multiple formats appeals to different learning styles and ensures you’ll attract more users.

1,052 physicians rated audio and video podcasts as being equal in ‘desired digital formats’, and they rated audio & slides and text as nearly equal in ‘desired digital formats’.

They’re in it for self-improvement.

Most HCPs note knowledge improvement and patient care quality as key reasons to participate in education.

1,368 physicians said medical education is most impactful on ‘improving my knowledge / understanding of new / emerging treatments’. [66%]

This was followed by ‘enhance the quality of my patient care’. [55%]

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