Branched Learning on ReachMD

Introducing DecisionSim®

Sometimes the most effective way to learn is by making mistakes.

Introducing a new method of education on ReachMD: Real-world medical cases requiring real-time decision-making.

DecisionSim® presents opportunities for learners to make real-time decisions as they care for a patient.

Presenting patient scenarios that require decision-making can, at times, lead to unintended patient consequences. This is part of learning.

Real change occurs when we enable people to see things they were not anticipating.

That may mean utilizing a non-linear program design (such as branched learning).

DecisionSim® offers a non-linear teaching method where each user travels a pathway based on their own decision-making.

Storytelling is a powerful strategy for creating experiences that capture the hearts and minds of learners.

By situating learning within the context of an actual patient case, DecisionSim® can promote lasting change.

This holistic approach immerses learners in authentic contexts that enable them to make decisions, observe outcomes, and discover their own insights.

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