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Villanova Panel Discussion: Using Technology to Enhance Patient-Centered Care

An expert panel of health professionals discuss how technology is changing the ways physicians practice medicine.
  • Overview

    An expert panel of health professionals representing hospital administration, technology, and medical education convene to discuss how new technology is revolutionizing the health care industry. The panel participants also discuss their respective and complementary visions for the future of health care services, including ways that technological innovations such as wearables are changing the landscape of medicine.

    The panel participants are:

    • Jeanne Churchill: Professor of Nursing, Columbia University
    • Sandra Gomberg: President at Aria Health System
    • Harold Mondshein: CEO and Co-Founder of Medtel
    • Robert McNally: President and CEO of GeoVax, Inc.
    • Alicia Sutton, Executive Vice President of US HealthConnect, Inc.

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