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The Future of Consumer-Driven Health Care

The Future of Consumer-Driven Health Care
Health care today is rapidly becoming more consumer-driven as patients take more active roles in their own wellbeing. How will medicine adapt?
  • Overview

    Technological advances over the past decade have rapidly changed the ways people seek, access, and respond to health care at all levels: patients self-research medical information via health websites, clinicians counsel and treat patients from remote telemedical settings, insurance companies promote patient-controlled health savings accounts, and healthcare organizations monitor internet reviews to predict future cash flow rises and falls. All of these changes point toward a consumer-driven healthcare (CDHC) model, but where will it lead?    

    From the Villanova Healthcare Speaker Event, host Dr. Brian McDonough talks with guest Sandra Gomberg, Chief Operating Officer at Aria Health System.  They discuss ways in which medicine has adopted consumer-driven healthcare over time, and what the future holds for patients and clinicians in this system.

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