Exertional Heat Stroke (EHS): Common and Unusual Case Presentations

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Exertional Heat Stroke (EHS): Common and Unusual Case Presentations

Dr. John Russell discusses different EHS patient cases with Dr. James Glazer and Dr. Louis Guzzi.
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  • Overview

    Exertional heat stroke, or EHS, is a sudden and unpredictable condition, commonly affecting young, active, and healthy individuals. But this common patient population doesn’t tell the whole story of EHS and who is at high risk, making the need to understand both typical and atypical case presentations a crucial matter.

    Joining Dr. John Russell in this panel discussion are doctors Lou Guzzi and James Glazer. Dr. Glazer is the medical director of the Outpatient Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Program at Memorial Hospital in North Conway, New Hampshire. Dr. Guzzi is a quadruple-board certified physician, who practices at Florida Hospital Medical Group in Orlando, Florida.

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