Medical Program: Case Study of Recurrent, Episodic Migraine

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Case Study of Recurrent, Episodic Migraine

Case Study of Recurrent, Episodic Migraine
Through this case study, we review a patients' file who experiences multiple episodic migraine incidents but has never been clinically diagnosed.
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    It’s not uncommon to see a patient, who has had migraines since childhood but no formal diagnosis of migraine. In this case, Dr. Nada Hindiyeh, Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford School of Medicine, walks us through the steps taken when diagnosing a patient. She, also, stresses the importance of the patients' understanding the diagnosis and properly deciding a treatment option.

    Rethinking Migraines is sponsored by Lilly. Content for this a non-certified educational series is produced and controlled by ReachMD. This series is intended for health care professionals only

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