Chronic Pancreatitis & EPI: A Patient Case Study

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Chronic Pancreatitis & EPI: A Patient Case Study



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How would you approach this patient with chronic pancreatitis with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency?

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  • Overview

    Chronic pancreatitis is an inflammatory syndrome involving recurrent or sustained injury to the pancreas and is a major cause of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI).1,2 In fact, the probability of developing EPI increases with disease duration of chronic pancreatitis. That’s why it’s recommended to monitor patients for the development of EPI symptoms and to screen for this condition at regular intervals. But what does this actually look like in practice? Here to walk us through a patient case along with the etiology and risk factors for EPI in chronic pancreatitis is Dr. Jodie Barkin, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Miami and Associate Medical Director of the University of Miami Pancreas Center.


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