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Carbohydrate Intolerance: The Silent Partner in Chronic Disease Development

Dr. Shilpa Saxena discusses clinical challenges in blood glucose control and the role of carbohydrate intolerance in chronic disease origins.
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  • Overview

    Host John Troup, PhD welcomes Dr. Shilpa P. Saxena to discuss challenges in patient management related to control and balance of blood glucose, and the role of carbohydrate intolerance and toxicity as primers for chronic disease development. Dr. Saxena will also share her use of clinical nutrition and nutrition therapy to effectively manage glucose balance. Dr. Saxena is a Board-certified family practitioner, Fellow of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, and faculty member with George Washington University's Metabolic Medicine Institute.

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    This program is sponsored by the Metagenics Healthcare Institute for Clinical Nutrition, designed for all healthcare providers with roots in integrative, traditional, and functional medicine, seeking to optimize patient outcomes with support from clinical nutrition and lifestyle medicine.  Please visit for more information. 

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