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Renée Simone Yolanda Allen, MD, MHSc., FACOG
Renée Simone Yolanda Allen, MD, MHSc., FACOG
  • OBGYN Hospitalist
  • 3M Physician Documentation Specialist
Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
Innovations in the Management of Dyspareunia12/13/2017
Still Birthday: The Role of Bereavement Doulas in Childbirth11/05/2017
Implementation of Preterm Labor Assessment Toolkit, a System-wide Initiative to Improve Preterm L...11/04/2017
Mycoplasma Genitalium: Get to Know the Hidden STI11/05/2017
Becoming a Kiwi Doctor: An American OB/GYN's Experience Working in New Zealand12/11/2017
Closing the Gap in Health Disparities for Rheumatology Patients
The OB/GYN Hospitalist Model: Delivering Increased Patient Safety and Satisfaction11/23/2017
Evolving Cervical Cancer Screening Options in Clinical Practice12/13/2017
Overcoming Practice Barriers for NPs Nationwide09/14/2016
Redefining 'Special Delivery:' Benefits of Obstetrical Emergency Care Units12/13/2017
Nurse Practitioners: The New Vital Sign of Health Care?
Breast Milk Donor Programs: Benefits for Premature Infants08/04/2017
You're Hired! Physician Guidelines for Contract Negotiations11/04/2017
A Guide to Pap Smears for the Non-Gynecologist09/22/2017
From Silent Killer to Treatable Disease: Improved Detection Methods for Ovarian Cancer09/29/2017
Bioidentical vs Synthetic Hormone Therapy for Menopausal Women: Which Option is Safer?
Are Practicing Ob-Gyn Oncologists on Your Speed Dial?09/08/2017
The Perimenopausal Patient: Recognizing Changes Before They are Seen09/01/2017
Toward a Family-Centered Approach to Cesarean Deliveries11/10/2017
Telemedicine: Ushering in a New Standard of Care?06/10/2016
Obesity in the Pregnant Patient: Risks, Complications, and Management Strategies01/06/2017
How to Counsel Patients Dealing with Pregnancy Loss11/24/2017
Making Sense of Competing Breast Cancer Treatment Recommendations08/11/2017
Reproductive Impacts of Bariatric Surgery for Obese Women08/25/2017
The OB/GYN Hospitalist Model: Creating a "Safety Net" in Women's Health Care Delivery11/24/2017

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