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Patricia Scott, PhD
Patricia Scott, PhD

    Dr. Patricia Scott has been at Indiana University (IU) since 2007. Prior to IU, she was at Florida International University where she taught for 19 years and chaired the department for 8 of these years. She comes with a strong clinical background in mental health, both traditional; short and long term settings and non-traditional; alternative schools for troubled youth, prisons, and forensic hospitals. Her research in the past has been in the areas of ADA Title 1 accommodations for individuals with psychiatric disabilities and she was a CORE fellow in the AOTF Outcomes Research program. Scott was also honored when designated as a Fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association in 2002 for excellence in teaching and non-traditional practice.

    More recently, Scott has focused her attention on the challenges in measurement of participation. Her work centers on the conceptualization of occupational role performance as a way to measure outcomes. Specifically she is studying transitions throughout the liver transplantation process. Her move to Indianapolis allowed her to conduct her research at the IU Health University Hospital, the third largest, by volume, liver transplant center in the United States. She is an IU ‘Translation of Research into Practice ‘ (TRIP) Scholar.

    Dr. Scott is active in national professional issues; she was President of the Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association, Chair of the Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Licensing Board, AOTA regulatory representative to the CEDC, and a member of the Administration Management Special Interest Section Standing Committee, and the World Federation Occupational Therapy - International Advisory Group (IAG) for Health Policy.

    Her teaching contributions to the IU program include Research; Evidence Based Practice; Reflective Seminar, and mentoring of students in their research. She is the Chair of the Scholarship and Fellowship committee, and sits on the School Budgetary Affairs Committee, and the university Fringe Benefits Committee. She holds a joint appointment in the School of Medicine as Adjunct Associate Professor of Transplant Surgery and is the Project Director for the SHRS Student Learning and Research Facilitation Labs.

    She lives with her husband Karl, and two cats; Zeller (schwartze katz), and Waldo. They enjoy skiing, hiking, kayaking, gardening, reading, entertaining, and traveling.


    • Bachelors of Science in Occupational Therapy, University of New Hampshire (1975)
    • Masters of Public Health, University of Oklahoma (1983)
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy Analysis, Florida International University (1997)

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