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Michael Greenberg, MD
Michael Greenberg, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    A Multidisciplinary Approach to Care Coordination Challenges in Psoriatic Arthritis01/23/2019
    Improvisation for Doctors: How Performance Games Teach Better Communication12/19/2018
    Rheumatology for All: The Quest for Bringing Rheumatoid Services to Underrepresented Countries 01/22/2019
    Laughter is the Best Medicine: How Improv Comedy Improves Patient Communication11/06/2018
    Alzheimer's Disease and the Key to Finding Better Treatments01/13/2012
    Gifts From the Poor: Practicing in the Poorest Parts of the World02/01/2018
    View From the Other Side: The Doctor as Patient01/01/2018
    In the Pink? Examining Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns12/30/2011
    Follow-Up on Japan: Assessing Radiation and Mental Health Threats04/08/2011
    Assessing the Disasters in Japan03/25/2011
    Facts, Myths, and Computer Overlords03/19/2018
    The Fine Art of Extraction & Other Remarkable Undertakings02/25/2011
    New Frontiers in Regenerative Medicine01/14/2011
    Ring Out the False and Ring in the True: Our Last Episode of 201012/31/2010
    Ah-Choo! Second Opinion Gets Up Close to the Common Cold02/11/2011
    The Next Big Thing in Continuing Medical Education?12/03/2010
    The Mütter Museum and Other Spine-Tingling Topics in Medicine11/05/2010
    Weird Science: A Conversation with the Father of the Ig-Nobel Prize10/22/2010
    Radio on the Internet: Second Opinion Goes to a Virtual Oncology Conference10/05/2010
    Second Opinion Goes Back to Med School09/24/2010
    Five Years Later: Katrina's Mental Health Impact09/10/2010
    The Physician/Journalist In a Disaster: Ethics and Objectivity08/27/2010
    Haiti’s Transition From Acute Crisis to Quiet Crisis08/13/2010
    The Physician to the President07/30/2010
    Haiti Six Months Later: Assessing the Aftermath07/16/2010
    Letters to a Young Doctor06/18/2010
    The Physician Without an OFF-Button06/04/2010
    Career Day: Assessing Your Life and Practice in the Clinical Profession05/21/2010
    World Wide Medicine: Globetrotting and Crowdsourcing05/07/2010
    A Doctor's Right to Help Patients Die04/23/2010
    Curiouser and Curiouser: Origins of Medicine's Myths and Mysteries04/09/2010
    What Are the Odds? The Hidden Influence of Probability and Statistics on Everything We Do03/26/2010
    Report From Capitol Hill with AMA Board Chair Dr. Rebecca Patchin03/12/2010
    Searching for a Cure for Cancer: James Watson, Discoverer of DNA02/26/2010
    Is 'Alternative' Medicine Effective?01/22/2010
    Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders12/25/2009
    Down-To-Earth Space Medicine with Astronaut Dr. Michael Barratt12/11/2009
    The Art of Diagnosis: Embracing the Physician Detective Role11/20/2009
    Feeling Financial Pressure? How Your Practice Can Adjust11/06/2009
    Are Out-of-State Provider Licensing Laws Due for a Change?10/23/2009
    Eschewing the Flu: H1N1 and Seasonal Influenza10/09/2009
    Can You Parlay Your Clinical Skills into a Non-Clinical Career?09/25/2009
    After Katrina: Clarifying Triage Rules, Resolving Moral Issues09/11/2009
    Do Your Assumptions Interfere With the Care You Provide?08/28/2009
    Are Fat, Sugar and Salt Holding Our Health Hostage?08/14/2009
    Encouraging Physician Involvement in Health Care Reform07/31/2009
    Do Our Professional Organizations Represent Our Interests?07/17/2009
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