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Michael Greenberg, MD
Michael Greenberg, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) Diagnosis & Clinical Care04/17/2015
    Deadly Medicine: The Role of Physicians in Nazi Racial Eugenics11/22/2013
    5 Years Post-Katrina, Mental Health Care in New Orleans03/04/2011
    Update From Haiti: The Next Phase of the Medical Response02/12/2010
    Key Health Reform Issues: AMA President Dr. James Rohack08/07/2009
    The Healthcare Village Model: The Next Big Thing?12/18/2009
    Beta-Blockers: New Treatment for Infant Hemangiomas12/10/2010
    Online Reviews: Are Patient Waivers a Good Idea?01/21/2011
    Can We Erase the Past with Beta-Blockers?06/22/2016
    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome05/21/2015
    Sensation and the Brain: Case Study of an Itch06/28/2016
    Managing a Home-Based Clinical Practice11/06/2014
    Technology and Instant Communication: New Visions for Primary Care02/06/2009
    Remembering Dr. Korczak: Lessons on Commitment to Care09/18/2015
    Delivering 'Street Medicine' With Operation Safety Net10/24/2014
    ReachMD on the Road: Exploring the Mutter Museum, Part Three02/05/2018
    ReachMD on the Road: Exploring the Mutter Museum, Part Two01/17/2018
    ReachMD on the Road: Exploring the Mutter Museum01/22/2018
    Addressing Sexual Dysfunction Issues02/26/2018
    The Art of Caring for Professional Singers01/23/2018
    A Night at the Opera: Medical Care for Professional Singers01/23/2018
    Bringing Medical and Psychiatric Care to the Adult Film Industry02/07/2018
    Treating Bipolar Disorder in Children02/14/2018
    Bipolar Kids: Finding Calm in a Mood Storm02/14/2018
    Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: What to Know, and What to Do07/17/2015
    Naprapathy to Increase Speed, Reduce Injury07/10/2015
    Debating Oregon's Death With Dignity Act08/24/2008
    Oregon's Death with Dignity Act07/27/2008
    San Francisco: Healthcare for the Working Poor10/05/2008
    Healthcare for the Working Poor: Is it Feasible?06/29/2008
    Blood Matters: From Inherited Illness to Designer Babies03/14/2018
    The Practice of Faith in a Surgeon's Hands03/14/2018
    A Life on the Front Lines: The Journey of an Abortion Doctor07/17/2009
    2008 AMA Foundation Award Winner: Dr. G. Scott Morris05/18/2008
    2008 AMA Foundation Award Winner: Dr. Viola Startzman05/18/2008
    Incorporating Spirituality into Medical Practice01/10/2018
    Finding a Place for Spirituality in Medical Practice & Medical School01/24/2018
    Overbooking: A Boost to Practice Productivity?09/28/2017
    Competing Views on Alternative Medicine05/04/2008
    One Doctor's Extracurricular Specialty: Making (Actual) Dough03/15/2016
    Mesotherapy and Lipolysis: Unsafe for Our Patients?06/01/2008
    Non-Steroidal, Topical Anti-Inflammatories06/29/2008
    Data Mining: Perspectives from the AMA09/07/2008
    Muslim Spirituality in Medicine06/08/2008
    Fixing Healthcare with the "Duh" System06/22/2008
    Impact of the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association07/06/2008
    The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA)10/19/2008
    Planting Seeds: Prostate Cancer Treatment06/29/2008
    Planting Seeds: Prostate Cancer Treatment06/15/2008
    Planting Seeds in Prostate Cancer Treatment06/12/2009
    Rodeo Doctor: Working for Patient Safety05/05/2016
    Charles Atkins -- Psychiatrist and Author05/06/2016
    Charles Atkins: Psychiatrist and Author02/19/2016
    Searching for a Genetic Diagnosis for Rare Diseases: The Story of MyDaughtersDNA.org02/22/2016
    Physicians and Films: How Our Image Has Changed02/23/2016
    Physicians and Films: How Our Image Has Changed09/22/2015
    Dealing With No-Show Patients to Make Your Practice More Efficient08/17/2008
    Variability Theory in Health Care: Cutting Costs, Increasing Quality02/10/2008
    Variability Theory: Is it a Winning Formula for American Healthcare?07/20/2008
    "Gaming" The Insurance System07/20/2008
    "Gaming The Insurance System"03/09/2008
    Adding Non-Western Therapy to Trauma Medicine02/24/2016
    Merging Non-Western Therapy With Trauma Care10/12/2015
    Let's Be Friends Again12/02/2007
    Confessions of an E-Bay Junkie10/10/2007
    Complementary and Alternative Medicine at Johns Hopkins: Part 203/09/2008
    Complementary and Alternative Medicine at Johns Hopkins: Part 106/01/2008
    Diabetes in Children: Refocusing our Practices11/14/2008
    Diabetes: Refocusing our Practices06/15/2008
    Dermatology in Danger II05/18/2008
    Dermatology in Danger03/16/2008
    Data Mining -- How Pharma Knows So Much About You09/12/2007
    Data Mining -- How Pharma Knows So Much About You09/12/2007
    Top Questions to Ask Your New Staff Physician Recruit10/12/2015
    Women and Dermatology10/13/2015
    Updates From The Women's Dermatologic Society12/25/2015
    Women and Dermatology10/16/2015
    Women in Dermatology08/31/2016
    Surviving Katrina: Recollections of a Hospital Crisis09/25/2009
    A Medical Resident's Experience Surviving Katrina09/17/2010
    Where is Everybody? RFID Tracking in Hospitals01/20/2008
    Where is Everybody? RFID Tracking in Hospitals01/06/2008
    Playing Nice With Pharmacists: Communication Strategies for Better Care11/11/2007
    Playing Nice With Pharmacists10/21/2007
    The Birth of a Drug: Regulatory Factors in Vitamin and Herbal Therapy Claims10/28/2007
    The Birth of a Drug09/30/2007
    The Birth of A Drug09/16/2007
    Do You Have A Personal Disaster Plan?09/11/2009
    Psoriasis Update for Clinicians10/28/2007
    Psoriasis Update for Clinicians09/16/2007
    The Team Approach To Primary Care Medicine10/21/2007
    The Team Approach to Primary Care Medicine09/09/2007
    Hope or Hype - The High Cost of Medical Advances09/21/2016
    Hope or Hype -- The High Cost of Medical Advances09/20/2016
    When It Costs Too Much To Do The Right Thing09/19/2016
    When It Costs Too Much To Do The Right Thing09/21/2016
    Service Excellence12/30/2007
    Service Excellence11/04/2007
    Service Excellence08/12/2007
    The Kiev Vision Project02/17/2008
    Curbside Consults08/12/2007
    Curbside Consults03/09/2008
    Difficult Patients -- A Caring Approach07/08/2007
    Difficult Patients -- A Caring Approach09/23/2007
    Giving Patients the Pink Slip08/26/2007
    Giving Patients the Pink Slip08/26/2007
    Informed Consent07/15/2007
    Informed Consent07/15/2007
    Increasing Patient Compliance08/05/2007
    Patient Compliance -- The Truth08/05/2007
    Patient Satisfaction Surveys -- Using the Data08/05/2007
    Patient Satisfaction Surveys -- An Online Solution08/05/2007
    Medical Spas vs. The Rise of "Strip Mall Spas"06/24/2007
    Medical Spas: The Dangers of Non-MD Attended Spas06/24/2007
    Patch Adams: The Man Behind the Movie06/24/2007
    Marketing Your Practice - Part 205/06/2007
    Marketing Your Practice - Part 110/14/2007
    Improving Communication In Your Practice - 205/06/2007
    Improving Communication in your Practice05/06/2007
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