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Michael Benson, MD
Michael Benson, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Prescription Stimulant Abuse in Young Patients08/06/2010
    Organ Transplants Within the US and Abroad03/30/2008
    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome & Insulin Resistance11/20/2018
    Hormone Therapy and Breast Cancer05/04/2008
    The Benefit of a 24-Day Oral Contraceptive06/29/2008
    Hormone Therapy and Coronary Heart Disease03/16/2008
    A new case file for the CDC--Morgellons06/07/2016
    Morgellons: A Case Straight Out of "The X-Files"06/10/2016
    MI: Do Men and Women Get Different Care?06/22/2008
    Why Do Some Women Have Early MI's?03/23/2008
    Young Women and Heart Disease03/02/2008
    The VIRGO Study02/24/2008
    The .md Domain Explained01/09/2009
    Telemedicine Over the Secure Internet03/23/2008
    HIPAA-Compliant Email: Is it Possible to Communicate with Patients Effectively?07/06/2008
    Why Pursue a Top-Level Domain Name?06/01/2008
    Hormones and heart disease: animal models03/02/2008
    Hormones and The Heart: A Clinical Guide02/17/2008
    Estrogen and Heart Health: What We Believe Now02/10/2008
    Estrogen and heart disease02/03/2008
    Post-Marketing Drug Surveillance04/13/2008
    The Future of the Electronic Health Record01/27/2008
    Contrasts Between Hospital and Office EMRs01/20/2008
    The Electronic Medical Record and Privacy Concerns05/18/2008
    Why Electronic Medical Records?03/09/2008
    Super Clostridium difficile03/30/2008
    The Epidemiology of Clostridium difficile03/16/2008
    Clinical Management of Costridium difficile03/02/2008
    The Biology of Clostrium difficile05/11/2008
    HIV and Breast Feeding: Worldwide Perspectives06/15/2016
    HIV During Pregnancy: Myths and Prejudices05/03/2016
    HIV in Pregnancy--Prevalence and Access to Care04/06/2008
    Gestational Diabetes--Treatment Controversies06/21/2016
    Gestational Diabetes--Treatment Works!05/06/2016
    Diabetes in Pregnancy: The Risks For Two Patients11/28/2018
    Diabetes in Pregnancy--The Coming Storm03/09/2008
    The Prematurity Epidemic: Controversies, Research02/17/2008
    Treatment Advances for Pre-Term Labor.01/27/2008
    What is the Biology Underlying Preterm Labor?05/11/2008
    Pre-Term Birth in the US: A Growing Epidemic04/06/2008
    War on Drugs: Does Treatment Work?12/16/2007
    War on Drugs: Myths of abuse and addiction04/27/2008
    The War on Drugs: Is it Winnable?03/23/2008
    War on Drugs: New CPT codes for screening and RX12/30/2007
    New products and trends in contraception02/03/2008
    Non-contraceptive benefits of contraceptives12/23/2007
    Emergency Contraception12/09/2007
    Controversies in Contraception04/13/2008
    Travel Medicine: Food and water issues.11/11/2007
    Immunizations for travel10/21/2007
    Travel Medicine: Malaria Prevention10/07/2007
    Resources in travel medicine09/16/2007
    International Adoption and family travel10/07/2007
    Medical Tourism11/11/2007
    Health issues of new imigrants traveling back home10/28/2007
    Travel for Humanitarian Work09/23/2007
    The Future of Anthrax Research and Defense09/14/2008
    Defense Against an Anthrax Bioweapon09/16/2007
    Anthrax as a Bioweapon09/09/2007
    Anthrax: The Natural Born Killer10/28/2007
    Tularemia: Bio-Weapon and Camping Peril08/26/2007
    West Nile Virus--Fact and fiction08/26/2007
    Vector borne disease--Rocky Mountain Spotty Fever03/23/2008
    Erlichioses--summer epidemic in Missouri08/19/2007
    Problems During Wilderness Treks and Travel09/29/2016
    Problems During One On One Encounters10/14/2015
    Problems During Emergency Situations03/14/2016
    Problems We Faced As Medical Students10/03/2016
    Diagnostic work-up and Management of Stillbirth07/29/2007
    Epidemiology and Etiology of Stillbirth07/29/2007
    Thrombocytopenia During Pregnancy07/29/2007
    Anti-phospholipid Antibody Syndrome07/29/2007
    Microchimerism and Emerging Research07/22/2007
    Microchimerism, Lupus, and Diabetes07/22/2007
    Microchimerism and Systemic Sclerosis07/22/2007
    Microchimerism and Rheumatoid Arthritis07/22/2007
    Microchimerism and Rheumatoid Arthritis09/16/2007
    Thrombophilias in women--Risks to the fetus01/20/2008
    Thrombophilias in women--risks of DVT and embolus12/16/2007
    Thrombophilias in Women06/17/2016
    Society for Gynecologic Investigation10/14/2007
    Umbilical Cord Blood Transplantation Controversies09/23/2007
    Umbilical cord blood transplantation--research07/15/2007
    Umbilical cord blood transplantation--treatments07/15/2007
    Umbilical cord blood transplantation07/15/2007
    History of Treatments for V.V.F.06/03/2007
    Complications of Vesicovaginal Fistulas09/02/2007
    Vesicovaginal Fistula Repair in Africa08/26/2007
    Malaria Control: Research and Public Health Issues06/03/2007
    Malarial Prevention: Updates for Travelers09/30/2007
    Diagnostic and Treatment Updates06/03/2007
    The Biology and Course of Malarial Disease06/03/2007
    Increase of Bacterial Resistance in the US09/09/2007
    Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance: On the Rise05/27/2007
    Continuation on The "Birth" of an OB/GYN Paper05/20/2007
    The "Birth" of an OB/GYN Medical Paper05/20/2007
    Results and Ongoing Studies from the MFM Network05/20/2007
    The NIH MFM Network: How Science Gets Done05/20/2007
    Clinical Management of Patients with BRCA mutation05/27/2007
    The Clinical Testing for BRCA Mutations05/06/2007
    The Biology and Medicine Underlying BRCA Genes05/06/2007
    Overview of the BRCA Genes05/06/2007
    Presenting Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer06/17/2007
    Epidemiology of Ovarian Cancer06/17/2007

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