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Matthew J. Sorrentino, MD, FACC, FASH
Matthew J. Sorrentino, MD, FACC, FASH
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Are We Doing Too Many Bypass Surgeries and Angioplasties?02/18/2011
    Could Grapes Replace Blood Pressure Medication?02/12/2015
    Can Diuretics Prevent Heart Failure?11/18/2015
    A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Angioplasty02/20/2009
    Can Angioplasty Improve Quality of Life for CAD Patients?02/06/2009
    Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention: ICD Indications02/20/2009
    Prognostic Importance of Defibrillator Shock10/12/2008
    Could Computer Hackers Gain Control Over a Cardiac Device?01/08/2015
    Will the Artificial Heart Become Reality?09/21/2008
    The World’s Smallest Heart Pump02/13/2009
    Approaches to the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation09/14/2008
    ATHENA Trial: Reducing Cardiovascular Deaths By Preventing Recurrent Atrial Fibrillation08/17/2008
    Special Report: What Went Wrong With ACCORD?07/27/2008
    Can Fish Oils Improve Cardiac Outcomes and Prevent Cardiac Arrhythmias?08/31/2008
    Is the Metabolic Syndrome More Than Just the Sum of Its Parts?08/03/2008
    AEDs: Limiting Rates of Sudden Cardiac Death09/07/2008
    Automated External Defibrillators at Home?08/10/2008
    The Decompensated Heart – A Maladaptive Response to Hemodynamic Stress07/20/2008
    Cardiac Remodeling08/03/2008
    Can What We Eat Lower Blood Pressure?06/22/2008
    Can Dairy Intake Fend Off Hypertension?06/08/2008
    Aortic Valve Disease: The Role of Hemodynamic Measurements06/01/2008
    Cardiovascular Hemodynamics for the Clinician05/25/2008
    Opioids, Fish Oils and Hibernating Bears03/22/2018
    Visualizing the Beating Heart06/01/2008
    How to Prevent Heart Disease in Women02/24/2008
    Are Women Losing Ground to Heart Disease?06/15/2008
    Time is Muscle - Reducing the Risk of an Acute MI03/02/2008
    ASD and PFO-To close or not to close?05/18/2008
    Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Sudden Death02/10/2008
    Robots in Cardiac Surgery: HeartLander01/13/2008
    Non-adherence - How the Pharmacist can Help07/08/2007
    Improving adherence to medical therapy07/08/2007
    Beta Blockers and Hypertension - A wise choice?07/15/2007
    Can Treating Hypertension Prevent Diabetes?11/04/2007
    Novel Therapies for HDL Cholesterol06/24/2007
    HDL Cholesterol - The New Frontier?06/24/2007
    Dietary effects on Blood Pressure06/17/2007
    Low Dietary Sodium and the Reduction of CVD06/17/2007
    Kidney Replacement Therapy - New Developments06/10/2007
    The epidemic of end-stage renal disease06/10/2007
    Cost effectiveness of high-dose statins05/19/2007
    Mechanical Support for Heart Failure09/02/2007
    Acute Decompensated Heart Failure09/02/2007
    Will Fish Oils Prevent Sudden Death?09/23/2007
    Can We Keep Our Hearts Healthy By What We Eat?06/17/2007
    AFib: Clinical and Academic Updates04/29/2007
    Approaches to the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation10/07/2007
    Drug eluting stents04/29/2007
    Indications for Percutaneous Interventions10/07/2007
    Examination of the Study05/06/2007
    Calcium Score and its Use in Diagnosis09/30/2007
    Acute Decompensated Heart Failure10/07/2007
    Acute Decompensated Heart Failure:the UNLOAD Trial05/27/2007
    Paradigm shift in the treatment of hypertension04/15/2007
    Hypertension: Goals of Treatment04/15/2007
    Certificate of Need: Research Findings04/22/2007
    Certificate of Need Focused on Cardiology04/22/2007
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