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Mary Leuchars, MD
Mary Leuchars, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    The Leapfrog Effect of Technology on Global Health
    Antibiotic Resistance Now 'Global Threat,' Warns WHO
    The Alarming Risks of Depression and Suicide for Gay and Bisexual Men
    The WHO Push to Eliminate Malaria Worldwide
    Study Warns of Obesity 'Explosion' in Rural Chinese Youth
    Global Efforts to Eradicate River Blindness
    Stem Cell Therapy for Neuropathic Trigeminal Pain
    First Newborn Organ Transplant Performed in the UK
    Gates Foundation Predicts Global Health Breakthroughs by 2030
    WHO Reports Falling Ebola Cases
    Snail Venom: The Latest Painkiller?
    Smartphone Applications for Parkinson's Disease
    Path Toward a Single Shot Ebola Vaccine
    Novel Drug Targets for MERS and SARS
    Malaria's Weakness: Mosquito Fat?
    Macadamia Nuts Aid Patients with Metabolic Syndrome
    Raw Honey: the Next Antibiotic?
    Repurposing Existing Drugs Against Ebola
    Diabetes and Tuberculosis: A Wake Up Call to the World?
    ReachMD Panel on the CDC's Top 10 Public Health Threats: A Year in Review
    Circumcision and HIV Risk in African Men10/15/2014
    Future of Cancer Drug Develpment?10/14/2014
    Combatting Antimicrobial Resistance10/14/2014
    Emerging Technology: Gene Drives10/14/2014
    Spice of Life: Cinnamon for E.Coli10/14/2014
    Dengue Fever Vaccine10/14/2014
    Medical Tourism: Facts and Figures10/14/2014
    Which Spider Bites Cause Necrosis?10/14/2014
    Snakebites in New York State10/14/2014
    Rates of Obesity Leveling Off in Children10/14/2014
    Snake Bites and Envenomation12/26/2014
    Eating Disorders and Their Cost to the Community10/29/2015
    Evidence-Based Trends in Nutrition Research, Part 210/14/2015
    Evidence-Based Trends in Nutrition Research, Part 103/06/2015
    Inhaled Corticosteroids and the Risks of Diabetes Onset and Progression11/20/2014
    The Hygiene Hypothesis and Risk of Type 1 Diabetes in Children11/14/2014
    The Natural History of an Exceptionally Long Life09/04/2015
    Why Do We Age?09/26/2014
    How to Win a Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology03/15/2016
    The Remarkable Discovery of Helicobacter pylori01/05/2016
    Community-Level Efforts to Turn Around 'Generation XL'09/17/2015
    Occipital Nerve Stimulation for Patients With Intractable Cluster Headache07/03/2015
    Surgical Care in Global Health Settings12/18/2014
    Evaluating the Global Impact of Surgical Checklists01/08/2016
    Managing Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalgias09/07/2016
    Addressing Tuberculosis and Multi-Drug Resistance at a Cellular Level02/23/2016
    Utility of Optical Imaging for Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis01/16/2015
    Combination Antimalarial Therapies in Children From Papua New Guinea01/02/2009
    A Hopeful Beginning for Malaria Vaccines12/05/2014
    Toward Malaria Prevention and Control08/31/2012
    Surgical Management of Obesity in Adolescents08/21/2015
    Recent Advances in Weight Loss Surgery03/06/2009
    Prescribing Opioids Safely for Patients With Chronic Pain04/17/2018
    Improving Physician Training in Addiction Medicine02/19/2018
    Clinical Relevancy of Islet Cell Transplantation11/27/2015
    The Highs and Lows of Managing Diabetes in Teenagers11/29/2013
    Management of Type I Diabetes in Young Children11/06/2014
    Hip Arthroscopy Indications and Latest Techniques01/15/2018
    Diagnosing Non-Arthritic Hip Pain in Athletes11/28/2020
    Does Every Knee Need a Meniscus?02/19/2018
    Addressing Shoulder Injuries in Swimmers09/23/2015
    The Role of Mohs Micrographic Surgery in Skin Cancer Treatment11/02/2008
    Detecting Early Signs of Melanoma04/10/2015
    The Impacts of Employment on Personal Health10/26/2008
    How Economic Stress Sways National Public Health10/05/2008
    Australian Preventive Health Strategies for Olympic Athletes07/27/2008
    Aussie Docs Turn Up the Heat for Beijing 200807/13/2008
    Asthma & the Olympics: Global Clinical Insights08/03/2008
    Asthma and the Elite Athlete07/06/2008
    Australian Sports Medicine: How is it Different?07/20/2008
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