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Mark DeLegge, MD
Mark DeLegge, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Malpractice 101 for Gastroenterologists09/09/2011
    The Motility of the Gut: What Do We Know?01/06/2016
    Obesity in Children: What's the Role of Fructose?02/25/2016
    Point/Counterpoint: Treatment of IBS With Antibiotics03/16/2016
    Probiotics for IBS and IBD: What's the Harm?06/19/2015
    Genetic Testing for Pancreatitis: Weighing the Options11/17/2015
    Colonoscopy: Is the 10-Year Interval Too Long?03/04/2011
    Is Gastric Bypass or Lap Band Right for Your Patients?02/18/2011
    Current Methods in Colorectal Cancer Screening12/04/2009
    Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines03/06/2009
    Endoscopic and Surgical Procedures for Treating Obesity10/15/2010
    Stool Transplant: The Ultimate Probiotic08/29/2016
    Understanding and Treating Chronic Constipation03/28/2014
    Drug-Induced Liver Injury09/03/2015
    The Plight of the Investigator02/06/2009
    Barrett's Esophagus and Esophageal Cancer04/10/2015
    Shifts in Crohn's Disease Treatment Models04/16/2018
    Managing Esophageal Cancer From the Onset03/26/2018
    The New GERD Guidelines11/14/2008
    Accreditation and Patient Safety in Endoscopy10/26/2008
    Evaluating Performance: The Physician Quality Reporting Initiative11/02/2008
    Quality Outcomes for Endoscopy11/07/2008
    Endoscopic Imaging Optics for Assessing Dysplasia02/19/2018
    GI Disease: Practical Solutions for Improving Care04/02/2018
    Endosocpy and Sedation with Propofol09/03/2008
    Electronic Medical Records: Turning Data Into Intelligence10/05/2008
    Feeding Decisions in End-of-Life Care12/05/2008
    Biomarkers for Cancer on the Pancreas09/14/2008

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