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Lisa Mazzullo, MD
Lisa Mazzullo, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Embryo Management and Medical, Ethical Debates06/09/2016
    Getting to the Root of Women's Hair Loss11/16/2016
    Solving the Mystery of Preeclampsia05/04/2016
    Treating Obese Women12/30/2016
    Herpes: Challenges and Successes in Treatment07/15/2016
    Sexually Transmitted Infections: Treating a Major Medical Problem for Women08/19/2016
    Can a Woman with Lupus Have a Healthy Baby?04/17/2021
    What to Expect in the Workplace When You're Expecting03/09/2018
    Healthcare for Women with Disabilities: Challenges and Breakthroughs03/05/2018
    Managing Dual Conditions in Pregnant Substance Abusers03/21/2018
    The Obama Administration: New Views on Reproductive Health12/19/2008
    The Mysteries and Challenges of Treating Mild Cervical Dysplasia02/13/2009
    Questions Answered About the HPV Vaccine01/16/2009
    AMOR-IPAT: A New Idea to Reduce the Rate of Cesarean Section11/21/2008
    Ultrasound: Improving Breast Cancer Detection10/26/2008
    Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Incontinence in Women: A Very Treatable Problem08/21/2008
    New UTI Guidelines for Women09/21/2008
    Epidural Anesthesia and Challenges in Pain Control01/02/2009
    Safer Choices in Contraception for Women With Severe Heart Disease12/05/2008
    Treatment of Pregnant Patients: Preconception to Postpartum08/24/2008
    Immunizing Pregnant Women Against Pertussis: A Good Idea?08/10/2008
    Female Physicians: Balancing Home and Career10/05/2008
    Can We Get a Clear Picture on Perinatal Ultrasound?07/27/2008
    Revolutionizing Preimplantation Genetics06/29/2008
    What Makes Women Tick? Could it Be Estrogen?09/07/2008
    The Sister Study: Is Breast Cancer Caused by Genetics or Environment?11/02/2008
    Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis Testing04/27/2008
    Prenatal Screening vs. Prenatal Diagnosis01/20/2008
    Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in Women03/16/2008
    The Genetic Counselor01/06/2008
    GINA ACT: The Ethical and Legal Dilemma of BRCA12/30/2007
    Genetic Roulette: Coping With Positive Markers for Cancer10/19/2008
    Sleep and the Postmenopausal Woman07/20/2008
    Elective Cesarean Section02/17/2008
    Preterm Labor and Progesterone11/25/2007
    Challenges in Treating Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome11/18/2007
    PCOS: The Challenge of Diagnosis and Medical Risk04/06/2008
    Wine Liquor Beer and Breast Cancer10/21/2007
    Genetic Breast and Ovarian Cancer10/28/2007
    Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer08/31/2008
    Minimizing Cancer’s Impact on Fertility10/12/2008
    Ovarian Function, Fertility, and Cancer Therapy03/02/2008
    New Fertility Therapy for Women Facing Cancer08/17/2008
    Programs 4/17/21