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Leslie P. Lundt, MD
Leslie P. Lundt, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Does Your Patient’s Anxiety Point to Pancreatic Cancer?07/10/2015
    The Role of Neurosurgery for Patients With Refractory Depression06/26/2016
    New Treatment Techniques for Paranoia01/04/2013
    Smoking, Cessation, and the Dual Risks of Suicide03/05/2010
    Treating Psychosis in Adolescents05/13/2011
    Practical Advice for Treating Bipolar Patients05/22/2015
    Managing Impulse Control Disorders in Parkinson's Patients05/01/2009
    Sleep Disorders in Parkinson's Disease Patients07/03/2015
    Depression and Treatment in Parkinson’s Disease05/01/2015
    Strategies for Communicating Bad News to Patients10/14/2016
    Regeneration: Science Fiction or Reality?01/16/2015
    Developing New Therapies to Treat Glioblastoma04/24/2009
    Placebo & Psychological Factors in Pain and Illness05/22/2015
    Are Psychotropics Responsible for Increased Fractures?04/17/2018
    Suboptimal Weight Loss Following Bariatric Surgery04/17/2018
    Psychological Outcomes Post Bariatric Surgery03/26/2018
    Pre-Op Bariatric Surgery Psychological Workup04/16/2018
    Before Prozac03/28/2018
    Diagnosis and Treatment of Neurosarcoidosis02/26/2018
    Biomarkers for Underreported Alcohol Use12/12/2008
    Insomnia: Is There a Trait Predisposition?02/19/2018
    Oxytocin and Autism: Improved Social Interaction?12/05/2008
    Ketamine to Treat Alcoholism?04/04/2018
    Treating the 5th Vital Sign: Pain04/04/2018
    Bringing Spirituality Into the Hospital04/05/2018
    Communicating Difficult News To Patients: How to Do It Better04/05/2018
    Doctor Shortage – The Solution10/08/2008
    Doctor Shortage: Defining the Problem11/02/2008
    Treating Insomnia in Addicts03/19/2018
    Sleep Disturbance and Addiction Diagnosis01/16/2018
    Understanding Molecular Mechanisms of Cancers04/24/2018
    Are There Ways to Prevent Cancer?02/19/2018
    When to Treat with Antipsychotic Combinations01/16/2018
    A Look at Physician Suicide01/17/2018
    Treating Children with ADHD and Anxiety Disorders11/28/2008
    ADHD Meets Public Policy10/26/2008
    Debulking Surgery and HIPC to Treat Ovarian Cancer11/02/2008
    Establishing Community Protocols for Treating ADHD10/19/2008
    A Look at Irrational Decision Making In Medicine01/18/2018
    Examining HIV "Elite Controller" Patients01/09/2018
    Suicide Risk Factors: Abused Child and Adult Bipolar Disorder01/09/2018
    Substance Abuse, Obesity, and Bipolar Disorder10/20/2015
    Back Pain Prevention01/18/2018
    Treating Back Pain01/22/2018
    Primary Causes of Back Pain02/26/2018
    Psychoactive Drug Research: What's New with Hallucinogens?01/22/2018
    Medication Madness01/23/2018
    Weight Bias02/06/2018
    Managing Mixed Bipolar Episodes01/02/2009
    How To Treat Resistant Bipolar Patients10/05/2008
    Treating Obesity: Vagal Blocking Therapy02/06/2009
    HPV Controversy10/26/2008
    Physician Communication: Make it Clear and Convincing02/12/2018
    Can Unfounded Hope Harm Patients?02/06/2018
    Resolving Disruptive Physician Behavior02/06/2018
    Desvenlafaxine: The Newest Antidepressant01/02/2009
    Academia to Industry02/12/2018
    Recognizing Dissociative Disorders01/29/2018
    Improving Innovation in US Healthcare01/02/2009
    Become an Innovator. Make Change in Healthcare.10/05/2008
    Helping Cancer Patients with Quality of Life Issues Post Hysterectomy09/28/2008
    Coping Strategies for Patients Growing up With Chronic Illness02/13/2018
    Implications of Graft vs. Host Disease in Modern Medicine10/05/2008
    Science Behind Neurotransmitters: Why You Need To Know02/13/2018
    How Signal Transduction Helps Us Understand Psychotherapy07/28/2008
    The Psychology of Religious Violence and Terrorism03/19/2018
    Antidepressants: The Lay of the Land02/27/2018
    How to Monitor and Manage Patients on Antipsychotics02/08/2018
    The Latest in Psychopharmacology02/15/2018
    The History of Female Sexual Dysfunction02/20/2018
    The Curious Lives of Cadavers02/27/2018
    Treating Depression in Breastfeeding Patients05/18/2018
    Postpartum Depression: Unique Treatment Challenges11/22/2018
    Helping Patients After Diagnosisng Mild Cognitive Impairment02/21/2018
    Memory Loss: Normal Aging or Dementia?02/21/2018
    Waterpipe Smoking Trends Among Adolescents02/22/2018
    Melatonin in Autism Spectrum Disorders08/31/2008
    The Aliki Initiative10/19/2008
    Just Enough Anxiety: Successful Leadership02/22/2018
    The Most Important Meal of the Day: What Should Children Eat for Breakfast?03/25/2011
    Your Patient's Mother: Is She in the Exam Room?03/01/2018
    Maternal Attachment: Realities and Misperceptions About Mothers06/19/2008
    "The Mother Factor"03/05/2018
    The Changing Objectives of Schizophrenia Treatment08/09/2013
    Ginkgo Biloba: How Supportive is the Data?03/01/2018
    Dysfunctions in US Healthcare12/05/2008
    Learning From Our Mistakes10/19/2008
    Aviation Safety & Hospitals: What's the Link?07/27/2008
    Alice Stewart: The Woman Who Knew Too Much04/17/2018
    Community-Acquired Pneumonia: Is The First Antibiotic Dose a Good Quality of Care Measure?07/20/2008
    Involuntary Defeat Strategy09/21/2008
    A Review of Performance-Enhancing Nutritional Supplements In Sports07/13/2008
    Lack of Sleep in the ICU: What are the Health Consequences?07/20/2008
    How Early Sexual Experiences Contribute to Sexual Function in Adults03/12/2018
    Selenium in Chronic Illness03/29/2018
    Neurochemicals and Weight Regulation07/06/2008
    How Well Do You Know Your Brain?05/14/2008
    Nonconvulsive Status Epilepticus (NCSE)08/17/2008
    Helping Your Patients Avoid Going Broke05/14/2008
    The Psychology of Debt05/14/2008
    Treating Patients as They Approach End of Life09/04/2015
    'Slow Medicine': A Compassionate Approach to Caring for our Elders10/26/2012
    Using Visual Pathways to Improve Communication05/14/2008
    Communicating With Patients Visually09/21/2008
    Sickle Cell Disease and Pain08/31/2008
    Alcohol Use Among Sickle Cell Patients01/03/2018
    Post-Stroke Biology: Neural Repair Mechanisms07/13/2008
    Neurogenesis in the Aging Brain07/20/2008
    Physician Migration: The Benefits and Costs to American Healthcare Systems12/12/2008
    Educational Games for Healthcare Professionals: Impacts and Outcomes05/25/2008
    Race Across America: A Psychiatrist's Extraordinary Journey01/04/2018
    Insomniac: A Doctor's Personal Journey01/04/2018
    Cortical Demyelination in PML and MS07/13/2008
    The Longevity Bible: 8 Essential Strategies for Keeping Your Mind Sharp and Your Body Young01/10/2018
    Successful Aging in a High-Tech World01/10/2018
    Performance Enhancement Without Drugs03/13/2008
    The Science Behind 'Being in the Zone'09/20/2017
    Kundalini Yoga Meditation and Psychiatry03/13/2008
    Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)09/20/2017
    Selective Autonomic Activation09/20/2017
    Eating Disorders and Sexuality in Boys09/21/2017
    The Bone Setter of Ghana01/05/2016
    The Antipsychiatry Movement09/21/2017
    Corticosteroid Induced Psychiatric Symptoms09/21/2017
    Chemokine Receptors in Inflammation03/11/2008
    Book Club: The Secret History of The War On Cancer09/26/2017
    How and Why Has Cancer Become So Common?09/26/2017
    The Secret History of the War on Cancer09/27/2017
    Neurogenic Erectile Dysfunction10/11/2017
    Treating Peyronie's Disease10/11/2017
    Peyronie's Disease: Evaluation and Diagnosis10/12/2017
    Freud's Family Tree10/12/2017
    Revolution In Mind: Freud's Beginnings and the Creation of Psychoanalysis03/01/2018
    Social Anxiety Disorder07/20/2008
    General Anxiety Disorder: When to Treat?10/05/2016
    Diagnosis & Treatment For Panic Disorder09/07/2008
    Book Club: The Anxious Brain03/30/2008
    A Physician Who "Puts Down Fires" in More Ways Than One07/31/2015
    Cosmetic Surgery Attitudes03/30/2008
    Eating Disorders and College Freshmen10/05/2016
    Magical Moments of Change: Therapy for Traumatized Children08/10/2008
    Psychopaths in Your Practice10/06/2016
    "Evil Genes: Why Rome Fell and Hitler Rose..."06/22/2008
    Women and Heart Disease: A Different Illness?03/04/2008
    The History of Sexually Transmitted Diseases: a Retrospective with Author Aine Collier06/22/2008
    Birth Control Through the Ages: a Historical Tour04/27/2008
    The Humble Little Condom: A History, by Aine Collier04/06/2008
    A Physician's Chronicle of His Intern Year12/18/2009
    Will Science Replace Religion?02/19/2008
    Science and Nonbelief: a Discussion on Religion's Place in Scientific Communities06/22/2008
    Navigating Medical Volunteer Travel Opportunities06/15/2008
    Medical Travel Tips From a Pro04/20/2008
    Cataract Correction06/08/2008
    Conductive Keratoplasty and Other Techniques For Presbyopia08/24/2008
    Laser Vision Correction03/16/2008
    The Urge to Cough06/08/2008
    Amalia's Tale: A Poor Peasant, an Ambitious Attorney, and a Fight for Justice05/11/2008
    Poker and Medicine: What is the Connection?05/11/2008
    Moving Beyond SSRI's03/30/2008
    Realities and Limitations of SSRIs03/16/2008
    Social Networking Websites for Physicians07/06/2008
    A Physician Entrepreneur's Story01/16/2008
    Diet and Cardiovascular Disease03/02/2008
    Book Club: Drug Metabolism in Psychiatry02/24/2008
    A Doctor's Opinion on Pharma Education06/01/2008
    ADHD and ADA05/18/2008
    ADHD and the Presence of High IQ01/16/2008
    Attachment Anxiety and Sleep06/29/2008
    Relationships, Sleep and Physiological Pathways02/24/2008
    Sleeping With The Enemy04/27/2008
    Physicians For Human Rights: How You Can Get Involved04/13/2008
    Consumer Health Education05/11/2008
    Book Club: French Chef Escoffier and Taste04/27/2008
    Book Club: Artists & Neuroscientific Discoveries03/16/2008
    Lollipop Moratorium: Treating Kids with Diabetes05/18/2008
    Living With Diabetes04/13/2008
    Book Club: Cheating Destiny: Living With Diabetes02/03/2008
    Prescription Drug Use and Malingering05/11/2008
    Pitfalls of the Pay-For-Performance Model02/17/2008
    Why Psychology and Neurology Haven't Merged08/24/2008
    Neurobiology of Spiritual Purpose03/30/2008
    Difficult To Treat Depressed Patients03/16/2008
    Managing Antidepressant Side Effects03/09/2008
    Suicide Intervention06/01/2008
    Does BMI Predict Greater Need for Services?06/08/2008
    Increase in Severe Disability Patients09/21/2008
    Adult Cerebral Palsy05/25/2008
    Long Term Management of Stroke Recovery02/03/2008
    Rehabilitation of Movement Disorders03/16/2008
    The Future of Smell01/27/2008
    Smell and Therapy04/13/2008
    The Invention of Aerobics02/05/2018
    Assessing the Anxious Patient03/23/2008
    Brain Response to Psychotherapy05/25/2008
    Treating Anxiety Disorder01/13/2008
    Antidepressant Selection: Matching Drug to Patient03/09/2008
    Highschool Realities Today02/24/2008
    Teen Relationships04/20/2008
    Why The US Tolerates So Many Uninsured03/02/2008
    Are We Making Progress in Decreasing Smoking?12/30/2007
    Can The Obesity Problem be Attacked Like Tobacco?12/23/2007
    Healthcare Spending and Policy12/16/2007
    Health Policy: Insurance Reform05/04/2008
    Health Policy: Making Change12/30/2007
    Health Policy: Paying for Quality12/23/2007
    Health Policy: Fragmentation v. Accountable Care12/16/2007
    Improving Healthcare, Cutting Costs: Possible?12/16/2007
    The Geographical Issues of Healthcare.04/13/2008
    Does 'Too Much Healthcare' Lead to Better Health?02/03/2008
    Treating Dementia Now and in the Future05/04/2008
    Preventing Depression in Future Generations03/23/2008
    Book Club: 10 Common Traps in Writing a Book05/04/2008
    Book Club: Self Publishing10/05/2016
    Book Club: Writing a Book12/23/2007
    A Cost-Benefit Look at Preventative Health Exams02/03/2008
    Book Club: 'Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream' - III01/01/2016
    Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream: Part 203/12/2018
    Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream: Part 101/08/2018
    Treating Fibromyalgia09/07/2008
    Treatment Resistant Depression06/29/2008
    Anxiety Disorder Treatment Update03/16/2008
    Psychotropics and Weight Gain03/09/2008
    Book Club: 'Perfect Hormone Balance for Pregnancy'02/24/2008
    Fertility Preservation05/25/2008
    Symptoms Matter!02/03/2008
    Evolution, Lifestyle and Imflammatory Response03/09/2008
    Depression and Inflamation12/23/2007
    Helping Patients Help Themselves: Training Tools in Clinical Practice11/05/2007
    How Patients Can Improve Communications With their Doctors11/05/2007
    Educating Patients To Partner in Their Health11/05/2007
    State of US Healthcare System11/05/2007
    Chronic Hepatitis B: Who and How to Treat03/02/2008
    Future Treatment Options for Hepatitis C01/20/2008
    State of The Art Treatment for Hepatitis C02/10/2008
    Identifying Hepatitis C04/06/2008
    Insulin Pumps11/25/2007
    Diabetes Nutrition05/18/2008
    Diabetes and Physical Fitness11/14/2014
    Diabetes Prevention06/01/2008
    General Medical Conditions and Depression10/29/2007
    Mood Disorders in Women10/29/2007
    Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in Women05/25/2008
    Psychiatric Issues In Infertility04/13/2008
    Physiogenomics and Diabetes01/27/2008
    Antipsychotics and Weight Gain01/13/2008
    Personalized Medicine01/06/2008
    Sleep and Obesity03/02/2008
    Role of Sleep in Glucose Metabolism11/06/2014
    Chronic Sleep Loss02/17/2008
    Excessive Daytime Sleepiness and Caffeine02/24/2008
    Consequences of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness12/12/2008
    Causes of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness04/06/2008
    Recognition of EDS12/09/2007
    Sleep Matrix Index12/05/2008
    SleepMed Insomnia Index05/25/2008
    War and Public Health12/19/2008
    Global Health: Volunteering Overseas12/12/2008
    Book Club: Aria by Dr. Nassim Assefi10/29/2007
    Alcohol Detox02/17/2008
    Pharmacotherapy for TBI03/23/2008
    ProTECT Trial and TBI01/20/2008
    Progesterone Primer for Treatment of Brain Inury01/13/2008
    Progesterone & Brain Injury: Treatment History01/06/2008
    Restless Legs Syndrome12/09/2007
    Moderate to Late Stage Parkinson’s Disease03/23/2008
    Overview of Early Parkinson’s Disease11/11/2007
    Crooked Thinking and Unrealistic Expectations11/04/2007
    Binge Eating Disorder and Bariatric Surgery04/06/2008
    Body Image01/13/2008
    Strategies To Achieve and Maintain Weight Loss11/25/2007
    Managing the Influence of Others03/02/2008
    How to Approach Information from Drug Companies02/17/2008
    Industry Marketing And Its Effect On Prescribing01/27/2008
    Clinical Trial Reports: How to Read Them12/02/2007
    Psychosocial Interventions11/25/2007
    Genetic Testing Implications on the Family10/28/2007
    Antipsychotic Treatment for Children: What's New?10/28/2007
    Effects of Atypical Antipsychotics in Children03/23/2008
    Does a Prodrome exist in Bipolar Disorder?01/06/2008
    Adolescents at High Risk for Psychosis12/02/2007
    Tourette’s Syndrome08/31/2008
    Overview of Dystonia - Focal Dystonia12/09/2007
    Overview of Movement Disorders11/18/2007
    Is the Brain Changed by Treatment?09/12/2016
    The Brain and Moral Reasoning01/13/2008
    A Juggling Physician: How to Find Balance?09/24/2007
    Making Good Decisions09/24/2007
    Writing Your Renewal Rx10/21/2007
    Starting Up a Pharmaceutical Company12/02/2007
    Turning a Childhood Passion into A Medication10/28/2007
    Neuroanatomy For The Rest Of Us11/04/2007
    GVG and Addiction01/27/2008
    Educating Adolescents About Drugs and the Brain05/18/2008
    Brain Imaging and Addiction12/09/2007
    Virtual Reality Therapy12/23/2007
    Health 2.011/18/2007
    Mobile Technology in Medicine10/14/2007
    Impact of PTSD on the Patient's Family12/16/2007
    Veterans and Substance Abuse11/25/2007
    Back To The Future: Vietnam Vets09/23/2007
    Veterans and PTSD10/21/2007
    Mass Casualty Triage in New Orleans09/14/2008
    Improve Your Sense of Style10/14/2007
    Fashion Sense For Doctors09/30/2007
    Therapy of Schizophrenia - Including the Family09/23/2007
    Schizophrenia Relapse Prevention01/20/2008
    Pharmacotherapy of Schizophrenia12/09/2007
    Hard To Treat Schizophrenia Patients11/18/2007
    Advances in the Neurobiology of Depression01/06/2008
    How Patients with Depression Function12/02/2007
    Could They Also Be Depressed?11/11/2007
    Video Game Addiction10/14/2007
    Adolescent Brain Development and Mental Illness09/09/2007
    Nuclear Brain Imaging11/25/2007
    Does PTSD Have the Wrong Name?11/11/2007
    Antidepressant Patch and Drug Interactions09/30/2007
    MAO Inhibitors and Food Interactions09/09/2007
    Albert Ellis: The Man Who Changed Psychology10/07/2007
    Saying Goodbye to Albert Ellis: 1913 - 200709/02/2007
    Cultural Competence in Civilian Settings09/16/2007
    Military Guidelines on Medication09/09/2007
    Physician-Industry Interactions12/30/2007
    Psychopharmacology in the ER10/14/2007
    Antipsychotics and Dementia09/02/2007
    Antipsychotic Selection09/02/2007
    Dr. Neil Berliner: Dr. to Comedy Writer, Part 210/28/2007
    Dr. Neil Berliner: Dr. to Comedy Writer, Part 109/02/2007
    Physicians and Friendship08/03/2007
    Dealing with Conflict and Change09/05/2016
    Are You in a Groove or in a Rut?08/03/2007
    Effects of the Internet on Children and Families08/12/2007
    Methods of Treating Internet Addiction08/12/2007
    Risk Factors for Developing Internet Addiction08/12/2007
    Internet Addiction and Online Behavior08/12/2007
    Help Patients Make Real Change In Their Health09/30/2007
    How Patients Sabotage Thier Healthcare08/26/2007
    Talk to Patients So They Understand08/26/2007
    Health Literacy - The Clinician's Role08/26/2007
    Subacute and Chronic Cutaneous Lupus08/26/2007
    Acute Cutaneous Lupus08/26/2007
    Cutaneous Lupus07/20/2007
    Silicone Implants08/19/2007
    Antioxidant Skin Infusion08/19/2007
    Managing Post Operative Pain08/19/2007
    Cosmetic Surgery and Anti-depressant Use08/19/2007
    Authoring a Book09/09/2007
    From ER nurse to TV host08/05/2007
    Hair Analysis03/09/2018
    Maximizing Insurance Reimbursement07/29/2007
    On-line Medical Journals and Censorship07/29/2007
    Current Topics in New On-line Medical Journal07/22/2007
    Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities in Medicine07/22/2007
    The Science of Obesity08/12/2007
    Recommending Diet Programs to Your Patients08/05/2007
    3 Steps of the Duke Diet Plan08/12/2007
    The Duke Diet08/05/2007
    Somatic Symptoms in Women06/03/2016
    Treatment Resistant Depression10/07/2007
    MAO Inhibitors08/26/2007
    Borderline Personality Disorder08/05/2007
    Individual and Organizational Health08/26/2007
    The New Life Business Plan08/19/2007
    Managing Life and Work08/19/2007
    Leading Under Pressure08/05/2007
    Motivating An Alcoholic To Get Help07/29/2007
    Alcoholism Impact and Other Co-Morbid Conditions07/29/2007
    Present and Future Treatments of Alcoholism07/22/2007
    Combating The Stigma of Alcoholism07/22/2007
    Interesting Lyme Disease Cases08/05/2007
    Lyme Disease: Clinical Controversies07/29/2007
    Borrelia Burgdorferi07/29/2007
    The Lyme Disease Basics09/02/2007
    Sleep Apena: CPAP Compliance06/16/2007
    An Examination of Pulmonary Rehab07/08/2007
    How to treat COPD?06/24/2007
    To Quit Smoking06/24/2007
    How to Accurately Diagnose COPD06/24/2007
    Treating Depressed Athletes07/29/2007
    Anxiety and Depression? Exercise.07/29/2007
    ADHD in Athletes07/22/2007
    Understanding the Practice of Sports Psychiatry09/17/2015
    The Changing Landscape of Addiction Medicine07/08/2007
    Combining Meds and Therapy to Treat Alcoholism09/23/2007
    Using Medication to Treat Alcoholism07/08/2007
    The Changing Face of Dependency and New Treatments07/08/2007
    Discussing Sexuality during a Fatal Illness06/17/2007
    Sexuality After Cancer06/17/2007
    13 Dreams Freud Never Had: The New Mind Science09/05/2016
    Between Asleep and Awake07/15/2007
    Psychiatry in Crisis07/01/2007
    Science of Dreams07/01/2007
    Pharmacotherapy for Addictive Disorders07/01/2007
    Cognitive Behavior Theory07/15/2007
    Internet Addiction07/01/2007
    An MD's Insight in the Development of Treatments06/24/2007
    Evaluation of treatments for PTSD06/24/2007
    Treatment of PTSD06/24/2007
    Diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder06/24/2007
    Medicate or Refer?07/01/2007
    The Midlevel Practitioner07/01/2007
    Mental Health Should be Considered Family Health07/01/2007
    Children and Crime: The Forensics10/14/2007
    Child Onset Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia06/24/2007
    Child Conduct Behavior, Anxiety and Depression06/24/2007
    Pressing Issues in Child Psychiatry06/24/2007
    Sleep Education for MD's06/10/2007
    Treating Insomnia06/10/2007
    Confirming Common Sleep Disorders06/10/2007
    Eight Hour Consultation06/10/2007
    Negotiating a Contract with an Insurance Company06/10/2007
    Negotiating a Contract with Health Insurers06/10/2007
    Thriving Instead of Just Surviving06/10/2007
    Conversation Groups06/10/2007
    Saying NO06/10/2007
    Burnout in professionals06/10/2007
    Neurobiology of Sleep06/17/2007
    What causes changes in sleep?09/16/2007
    Insomnia in the Elderly06/03/2007
    Sleep: What is normal?06/03/2007
    Treatment Options for Eating Disorder Patients09/16/2007
    Drug Treatment and Eating Disorders06/10/2007
    Suspecting an Eating Disorder: What to do08/12/2007
    Eating Disorders in your Practice01/14/2007
    Chronic Kidney Disease and Mortality06/03/2007
    Risk Factors for Kidney Disease06/03/2007
    Kidney Disease: A Silent Killer06/03/2007
    Prescribing Methadone06/03/2007
    Unintentional Poisoning05/27/2007
    The Risk of Anti-Deppressant Use09/09/2007
    Risks to the Human Food Supply05/27/2007
    Gambling: Is it an Illness?05/27/2007
    Impulse Control Disorder05/27/2007
    Are eating disorders really about food?05/20/2007
    Treating Gambling Addiction05/20/2007
    Sleep Disorder and Bipolar Disorder05/27/2007
    Medication Management in Bipolar Disorder05/27/2007
    The treatment of bipolar disorder05/20/2007
    Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder05/20/2007
    Causal Links in Metabolic to Psychiatric Disorders05/20/2007
    Metabolic and Psychiatric Disorder Relationships11/04/2007
    Diabetic Drugs: Use in Psychiatry11/11/2007
    Role of the Media: Eating Disorders05/13/2007
    Negative Body Image05/13/2007
    Anger and Fear04/29/2007
    Interpersonal Biology04/29/2007
    Negative Physician - Nurse Interactions05/06/2007
    Nurse to Nurse Hostility05/06/2007
    Global Nursing Shortage05/06/2007
    The Five Basic Emotions10/07/2007
    Emotional Science04/29/2007
    Fibromyalgia: Industry Pipeline04/29/2007
    New Developments in Anti-Psychotic Drugs04/29/2007
    Pitfalls of Prescribing Anti-Depressants04/08/2007
    Writing the First Anti-Depressant Prescription04/08/2007
    How and When to refer to a Pain Specialist04/08/2007
    Irritable Male Syndrome04/01/2007
    Depression in the Elderly: Diagnosis & Treatment04/01/2007

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