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Lauren Streicher, MD
Lauren Streicher, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Mortality After Myocardial Infarction in Men vs Women04/12/2013
    Can Testosterone Patch Up Your Sex Life?06/08/2016
    Hold the Sunscreen: Your Body Needs That Vitamin D03/09/2018
    It Takes an Army to Fight Breast Cancer12/26/2008
    Physical Therapy and Chronic Pelvic Pain12/16/2019
    How to Help Women with Sexual Issues01/20/2017
    Physical Therapy for the Pelvis01/25/2016
    Can a Needle in the Neck Prevent Hot Flashes? A Look at an Alternative Treatment06/04/2010
    Exploring Life Expectancy: Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?01/09/2009
    Bariatric Surgery and a Baby on Board?06/17/2016
    Robotic Surgery for Women: The Future Is Here12/12/2008
    Addressing Sexual Dysfunction in Women Following Serious Illness11/17/2018
    Physician Dysfunction and Sexual Dysfunction11/28/2008
    Healing a Broken Heart: Depression Screening for Patients With Heart Disease05/06/2016
    Matters of the Heart: Cardiac Disease and Psychosocial Issues in Women11/14/2008
    Abstinence-Only Sex Education: Failing Teens?11/07/2008
    The HPV Vaccine: Not Just for Young Girls and Teens09/28/2008
    Pills, Patches and Potions: An Update On Contraception08/15/2008
    Renaissance of the IUD: Not Just For Contraception Anymore09/14/2008
    Move Over Marcus Welby: Distinctive Paths to Medical School08/03/2008
    Is there a critical window to begin Hormone Replacement Therapy? Does it really exist?06/06/2008
    Hormone Influence on Cognitive Function07/20/2008
    How to Address Obesity in Clinical Practice02/28/2014
    The Obesity Epidemic in Women: Causes and Consequences07/13/2008
    Treating Chronic Pelvic Pain: A Challenge For Even Experienced Clinicians05/30/2008
    Finding the Source of Chronic Pelvic Pain07/06/2008
    Caring for OB/GYN Patients With Psychiatric Comorbidities08/31/2008
    The Psychiatric Impact of OB/GYN Disorders06/08/2008
    Postpartum Depression vs. the Baby Blues04/20/2008
    Reducing the Incidence of Colorectal Cancer06/15/2008
    Predispositions to Colorectal Cancer08/10/2008
    Outcomes of Uterine Artery Embolization06/01/2008
    Uterine Artery Embolization07/27/2008
    Ask 100 Doctors: Web-Based Technology05/04/2008
    Marfan Syndrome in Pregnant Women01/27/2008
    Diagnosing and Preventing Cardiac Disease in Women02/10/2008
    Gender-Specific Risks for Cardiac Disease05/25/2008
    Monitoring Your Patients' Sources of Medical Information08/17/2008
    Medication Compliance04/13/2008
    Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis05/18/2008
    Cryopreservation of Oocytes01/13/2008
    Candidacy and Considerations for Endometrial Ablation09/07/2008
    New ACOG Recommendations for Endometrial Ablation12/16/2007
    Emerging Options in Osteoporosis11/11/2007
    Beyond the Oral Bisphosphonates03/23/2008
    Osteoporosis: Monitoring Treatment08/24/2008
    Breast Screening in Low and High Risk Women12/23/2007
    Breast Specific Gamma Imaging11/04/2007
    The Psychological Impact of Sexual Abuse11/11/2007
    Diagnosing Multiple Personality Disorder03/09/2008
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