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Jennifer Shu, MD
Jennifer Shu, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Hemophilia Patient Cases: Managing the Challenges of Inhibitors01/19/2019
    Conference Coverage of the 2011 Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology05/06/2011
    Discussing Sensitive Sexual Subjects With Teenage Boys06/17/2011
    The Debate Over Neonatal Circumcision: Arguments Against07/01/2011
    Encouraging Men to Protect Their Skin06/26/2015
    The Difficult Patient Demystified05/06/2016
    When to Screen Thyroid Levels in Pregnant Patients03/09/2018
    Routine Screening for Depression Among Teens09/17/2015
    Recognizing and Treating Postpartum Depression... in Men?07/03/2015
    When Docs Disagree: Strategies Toward Better Patient Care06/21/2016
    A Vaccine to Reduce Congenital CMV and Sequelae05/29/2009
    Changes in Public Perception of Vaccines06/25/2015
    Physicians at Odds With an Alternative Vaccine Schedule06/19/2015
    Asthma Risk Factors: Trends Beyond the Hygiene Hypothesis06/04/2015
    An End to Asthma Indications for Long-Acting Beta Agonists?05/08/2009
    Are We Overdiagnosing Certain Food Allergies?06/26/2015
    Reducing Patient's Stress With Faster Biopsy Results04/03/2015
    Natural History of Breast Cancer: Early Detection vs. Mortality03/23/2018
    Retinoblastoma Therapy to Save Vision, Rebuilding Lives04/08/2011
    Investigating Long-Term Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Cocaine08/08/2017
    Ketogenic Diet for Refractory Epilepsy: Beyond Anecdotes05/22/2015
    Alleviating the Burden of RSV Across the United States12/18/2015
    Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s: Risks vs. Benefits05/27/2011
    SAD: Treating Winter's Doldrums05/14/2015
    Cardiac Screening for Children Prescribed ADHD Meds?03/22/2016
    How to Work With LGBT Youth and Their Families10/16/2015
    Transitioning Cardiac Patients From Pediatric to Adult Care02/19/2016
    Relating to Patients Without Sharing Too Much10/30/2009
    Recognizing and Preventing Congenital Heart Disease02/06/2015
    PDAs in Infants: To Close or Not to Close?02/27/2015
    Innovative Approaches to Analyzing Clinical Evidence01/22/2015
    Uncovering Misperceptions About College Drinking11/19/2015
    A Guide to Donating to Charitable Medical Organizations04/23/2015
    Health Priorities of the National Children’s Study01/23/2009
    The National Children’s Study: Essentials01/09/2009
    The Challenges and Rewards of International Medical Volunteerism12/25/2014
    A Practical Guide to Global Medical Volunteerism12/12/2014
    Addressing the Rise in Pediatric Kidney Stones05/08/2015
    Curbing ‘Brain Drain’: Keeping Research Talent at Home12/19/2014
    Lessons on Parasitic Disease Control and Elimination12/05/2014
    Treating STDs: Global Lessons for Care in the US12/26/2008
    The Quest to Eradicate Polio in Endemic Countries12/25/2009
    Purging Type 1 Poliovirus: Steps Toward Global Eradication12/12/2008
    Preventive Medicine: Are We Taking It Too Far?03/27/2018
    Myths of Preventive Medicine01/09/2009
    Early Indications of Type 1 Diabetes04/02/2018
    Cerebral Edema in Children With Diabetes11/10/2015
    Recommending Physical Activity for Your Diabetes Patients11/16/2015
    A Family Practice Perspective on Nutrition for Diabetics10/22/2015
    Making Vaccine Financing and Delivery Work for Everyone01/23/2009
    Vaccine Financing and Delivery: Room for Improvement11/02/2008
    The Bully and the Victim: Psychiatric Effects of Bullying01/16/2018
    The Physician's Role in Controlling MRSA in Healthcare Settings11/02/2008
    Universal MRSA Screening Among Hospital Patients10/19/2008
    Controlling MRSA Spread in Public Settings10/26/2008
    The National MRSA Education Initiative10/12/2008
    Childhood Stroke: Risk Factors, Symptoms and Prognosis08/20/2010
    Neonatal Stroke: More Common Than We Know?01/02/2018
    The CDC’s Role in Public Health Emergencies12/05/2008
    Preparing the Public for Emerging Health Threats09/10/2010
    Concerns About Breast Milk: Valid or Not?01/23/2018
    Breastfeeding: Much More Than Just Good Nutrition02/05/2018
    Goals for Initiating and Continuing Breastfeeding01/24/2018
    Golden Rules for the Doctor-Patient Relationship01/24/2018
    The Golden Rules for Physicians01/03/2018
    Supervisory Resources & Legislative Efforts to Protect Nurses11/02/2008
    Preventing Workplace Violence Against Nurses10/19/2008
    Workplace Safety for Nurses in Healthcare Settings10/05/2008
    What Patients Want to Know About Vaccine Safety08/06/2010
    Considerations for the Five-in-One Combination Vaccine08/31/2008
    Rotavirus Vaccine Recommendations08/24/2008
    What Physicians Need to Know About Infant Formula08/17/2008
    Special Report: Prescribing Statins for High-Risk Children07/27/2008
    Foodborne Illness: In the Wake of Salmonella08/24/2008
    Probing Foodborne Outbreaks: 2008 Salmonella Aftermath08/10/2008
    Talking to Patients Bound for Beijing07/27/2008
    Teenagers and STDs: A Too-Common Pairing08/07/2015
    Alzheimer's Disease: What Do Physicians Need to Know?09/26/2014

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