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Jay Goldstein, MD
Jay Goldstein, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    IBS and Functional GI Disorders (FGIDs)11/30/2017
    Detecting Small Bowel Abnormalities in Pediatric Patients10/12/2017
    Evaluating Obscure GI Bleeding09/28/2017
    Value-Based Purchasing: How Can Guidelines Help Gastroenterologists?02/25/2011
    Women's Reproductive Health and IBD05/18/2018
    Oral Vaccines Using Probiotics02/26/2016
    Notes From a Pathologist on Collaborating With GI Docs10/13/2015
    Gastroparesis: Causes and Management Strategies03/15/2016
    Nutrition and Obesity: Gastroenterologists’ Expanding Role09/11/2015
    Management and Prevention of GI Disorders in Women03/22/2013
    Clostridium difficile and Inflammatory Bowel Disease11/16/2015
    Gastrointestinal Complications from Oncologic Therapy09/18/2015
    Treatments for Pancreatic and Colorectal Cancers05/14/2015
    Quality Measures for Hepatitis C Therapy10/08/2010
    Extraesophageal GERD: Fact or Fiction?04/17/2015
    Outcomes Research: What Every Physician Should Know04/03/2015
    New Treatments to Reduce Liver Damage From Hepatitis B09/07/2012
    Measuring Health-Related Quality of Life05/06/2011
    Post-Election Update: Physician Medicare Reimbursement11/28/2008
    Helicobacter Pylori: Still a Problem in the U.S?01/16/2018
    Evolving Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease01/08/2018
    What GI Physicians Need to Know About Probiotics03/19/2018
    Controversies in Gastroenterology-Directed Propofol Administration11/21/2008
    Colorectal Cancer: Early Detection, Prevention and Treatment09/21/2008
    The Role of Emerging Technology in GI Practice10/12/2008
    Food Allergies: Fact from Fiction01/22/2018
    Finding Funding in an Uncertain Funding Environment08/24/2008
    Microbiota & Probiotics: The Link to GI Disorders08/17/2008
    New Developments In Interventional Endoscopy08/03/2008
    Electronic Prescribing and the GI Practice08/10/2008
    Maintaining Your Subspecialty Certification07/27/2008
    Implementing Electronic Medical Records07/20/2008
    Navigating the Tenure Process in Academic Gastroenterology07/13/2008
    Maximizing Safety and Efficacy of Colonoscopy Prep09/07/2008
    Sodium Phosphate & Nephrotoxicity in Colonoscopy Prep07/06/2008
    NAFLD/NASH: Updates & Treatment Options06/22/2008
    The Realities of CT Colonography06/15/2008
    Measuring Success in the GI Speciality06/29/2008
    Surveying the Future of GI Practice06/08/2008

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