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Gary Kohn, MD
Gary Kohn, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Kids, Hearing, and Language Development: When Should We Be Concerned?08/27/2015
    Pilots as Patients: You're the Flight Surgeon03/06/2018
    Medical Criteria For Civilians In Space03/06/2018
    A GPS-Like Solution for Prostate Cancer07/27/2008
    Radiation Therapy & Prostate Imaging06/19/2009
    The Future of Performance Enhancing Drugs and Testing07/17/2009
    Drugs and Sports: New Challenges, New Testing07/13/2008
    Drugs and Sports: Can Genes Outwit Testing?07/31/2009
    A Non-Surgical Approach to Tuberous Sclerosis08/17/2008
    Psychiatric and Social Challenges Post-TBI06/08/2008
    Long-Forgotten Head Injuries as a Factor in Social Issues.06/22/2008
    Health-Related Quality of Life: Impacts on Patient Outcomes05/25/2008
    Health-Related Quality of Life: How and Why Should We Measure It?06/01/2008
    Conflicts of Interest in Universal Health Care10/12/2008
    Who's the Shrink for a Shrink in a Combat Zone?01/25/2018
    "Rule Number Two: Lessons I Learned in a Combat Hospital"01/25/2018
    BRCA Mutations and Breast Cancer in Men01/25/2018
    BRCA Gene Mutations: Health Information & Families01/30/2018
    Intern: A Doctor's Initiation, Part 201/30/2018
    Intern: A Doctor's Initiation, Part 101/31/2018
    Insulin Resistance & Colorectal Cancer02/01/2018
    Medical Myths Even Docs Believe02/01/2018
    HIV Patients Over 50: Are We Doing Enough?08/24/2017
    Seniors and HIV: The Myths and the Realities09/11/2015
    Management of Small Renal Tumors02/24/2016
    Small Renal Tumors: Clinical Judgement of Partial vs. Radical Nephrectomy10/14/2015
    Dengue Fever: Facts & Essentials for the Physician01/06/2016
    The Potential Threat of Dengue Fever10/15/2015
    The Wearable Haemodialysis Device for ESRD10/05/2008
    Renin, BP, CAD, . . . and Vitamin D?03/16/2008
    Vitamin D Deficiency & Cardiovascular Disease06/29/2008
    HDL - Predictor of CV risk and other roles03/02/2008
    Risks of Low HDLs: What If LDLs Are Also Low?06/08/2008
    Depression and Osteoporosis - A New Relationship03/23/2008
    Depression and Low Bone Mass - What's the Risk?03/09/2008
    Is Cancer a Disease of the Genome?11/18/2015
    Cancer is Common (And Other Cancer Myths)02/13/2015
    Air Travel and DVT: What's the Connection?06/22/2008
    Air Travel and Venous Thrombosis: What's the Risk?06/01/2008
    Clinical Applications of Emerging Tactile-Sensing Technologies09/19/2016
    Manual Breast Palpation - Going Hi-Tech05/04/2008
    Computer/Brain Interfacing: Next Steps01/27/2008
    Computer-Brain Interfacing: State-of-the-Art01/06/2008
    Smokers, state laws, and our patients who smoke.12/16/2007
    Government and Smoking. Do laws matter?12/02/2007
    Pandemic Flu and "Drive-Thru" Triage.07/20/2008
    Pandemic Flu. How Will Your Hospital Respond?12/09/2007
    Implantable Defibrillators - Medical/Social Issue?02/17/2008
    Implantable Defibrillators and the Sexes06/15/2008
    Diabetes, Chronic Care - and No Insurance03/23/2008
    Voices & Miracles - Some Novel Thoughts on Healing01/13/2008
    Optimism - Is It a Matter of Life and Death?12/09/2007
    Music, Forgetting, Spirituality, and Healing12/16/2007
    The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things05/25/2008
    The Problem Physician Returns to Work01/06/2008
    Treating the Physican with Substance Abuse12/02/2007
    Substance Abusing MDs: Impacts of Intervention04/13/2008
    Alcohol and Substance Abuse: The MD as Patient06/15/2008
    Diabetic Patients and Math - Surprising Research11/18/2007
    Under-Diagnosis of Pediatric Hypertension - Future10/28/2007
    Pediatric Hypertension is Under-Diagnosed10/21/2007
    A New Study Looks at Pediatric Hypertension02/10/2008
    Is Pediatric Hypertension Under-Diagnosed?12/30/2007
    Fat at Work - BMI and Physical Capabilities12/02/2007
    Growing Old and Growing Fat in the Workplace10/28/2007
    How can we test our patients' ability to work?11/18/2007
    Can our Patients Physically Perform Their Jobs?01/20/2008
    PTSD and My Experience with Aircraft Incidents09/09/2007
    Psychiatric Disease in Safety-Sensitive Workers09/14/2008
    PTSD - Treatment and Referral11/25/2007
    PTSD - Implications and Recognition10/14/2007
    Circadian Rhythms and Jet Lag - Can We Beat Them?09/23/2007
    Circadian Rhythms and Jet Lag10/04/2016
    Sleep, Health and Occupational Issues09/16/2007
    Sleep, Health, and Occupational Issues12/30/2007
    Medical Emergencies at 30,000 Feet07/01/2007

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