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Eric Tangalos, MD
Eric Tangalos, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Venous Thromboembolism Management and Antithrombotic Therapy in Long-Term Care11/23/2018
    Focusing on Comfort in Caring for Patients with Dementia and Alzheimer's11/16/2018
    Choosing Between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living: Helping Patients and Families Decide11/27/2018
    A Public Policy Primer for Long-Term Care Professionals: How to Achieve Regulatory Compliance02/03/2012
    Improving Access to Controlled Substances in Long-Term Care03/07/2018
    Improving Medication Safety in the Nursing Home Setting05/02/2018
    Palliative Care in Late-Stage Disease and Hospice03/15/2018
    Knowing the Facts: Advance Directives and End-of-Life Care10/25/2017
    Assessing and Maximizing Cognitive Function in Long Term Care06/02/2016
    Healthy Bones, Healthy Body: Osteoporosis in Long Term Care11/29/2020
    The Importance of Immunizations in Long Term Care06/03/2016
    Not Your Grandma's Nursing Home: Changing Demographics in Long Term Care06/09/2016
    Medical Considerations in the Oral Health of Long-Term Care Patients05/05/2016
    Early Detection of Alzheimer's: Where Do We Go From Here?06/10/2016
    The Impact of Pharmacy Issues in Long-Term Care04/21/2016
    Theatre as Therapy for Alzheimer's and Memory Loss04/22/2016
    Screening and Prophylaxis for Venous Thromboembolism04/01/2016
    Making the Connection Between Vitamin D, Falls and Fracture Prevention06/22/2016
    Strategies to Prevent and Manage Heart Failure12/31/2015
    Pets, Culture Change and Compassion in Long-Term Care11/08/2017
    AMA House of Delegates Meeting: The Patient-Centered Component of the Medical Home07/09/2010
    AMA House of Delegates: Strategies for Better Care Coordination07/02/2010
    Caring for Patients with Parkinson's in Long-Term Care01/29/2016
    Strategies for Managing Depression in Long-Term Care12/05/2018
    Nurse Practitioner Protocols and Collaboration in Long-Term Care02/18/2016
    Ensuring Smooth and Safe Transitions of Care01/05/2016
    The Benefits of Therapeutic Exercise and Physical Activity in Long Term Care01/05/2016
    Ticking Time Bomb: Limiting Antibiotic Resistance in Long Term Care02/18/2016
    Telehealth: Expanding the Reach of Care03/17/2016
    From Institutional to Inspiring Healthcare Design01/06/2016
    A Compassionate Presence: Reiki as Alternative Pain Management01/07/2016
    Ethnogeriatric Considerations: Toward Culturally Sensitive Care01/07/2016
    Kidney Failure & Dialysis in Long-Term Care Medicine01/08/2016
    Psychiatric Diagnosis and Care in Long Term Care Medicine03/13/2018
    Diagnosing and Treating Pressure Ulcers08/29/2016
    A Proactive Approach to Health Maintenance10/04/2016
    Assessing and Preventing Dementia05/15/2015
    Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Long Term Care Medicine10/16/2015
    Addressing Nutritional Needs in Long Term Care Residents05/01/2015
    Perspectives on Healthcare Reform in Long Term Care Medicine07/10/2009
    Issues in Long Term Care Medicine: Reaction from the 2009 AMA Delegates Meeting06/26/2009
    Young Doctors in Love with Long Term Care03/13/2015
    Anemia in the Long Term Care Setting09/12/2016
    The Culture Change Model in Long Term Care Medicine09/07/2016
    Risk Management and Liability in Long Term Care07/05/2013
    The Essential Role of Death Certificates in Public Health03/20/2015
    Why I See Only Nursing Home Patients: A Doctor's Manifesto04/03/2015
    How Do We Assess Long Term Care Facilities?05/08/2015
    Communicating With Families: Maintaining Realistic Expectations09/20/2016
    Considerations in Treating Delirium02/20/2015
    Physician Workforce Issues in the Nursing Home02/05/2018
    How Do We Manage Medications in Elderly Populations?02/27/2015
    Vitamins: Helpful Supplements or Harmful Hoaxes?06/16/2016
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