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Brian P. McDonough, MD, FAAFP
Brian P. McDonough, MD, FAAFP
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Increasing Workplace Wellness for Positive Productivity 08/06/2018
    Is the Rise of Allergies Due to Missing Gut Microbiomes?08/07/2018
    Natural Fix: Rediscovering 'Valuable' Foods Our Bodies Need
    Detecting Depression: How to Assess Patients and Benefits of TMS Treatment08/01/2018
    Is Emotional Baggage an Underlying Cause of Your Patient's Illness?08/13/2018
    The Real Cost of Smoking: Medical, Financial, and Societal Considerations08/14/2018
    Living with Heart Disease: How a Patient Gave her Diagnosis Meaning07/27/2018
    Surviving a Stroke at 35: A Patient's Journey through Illness and Rehabilitation04/18/2018
    How Regular Exercise Can Help Reverse Cardiac Aging08/08/2018
    Not Quite a Cancer Vaccine: Selling HPV and Cervical Cancer08/15/2018
    Beyond Opioids: Alternative Options for Pain Management07/25/2018
    Keeping the "Fit" in Fitness: How to Avoid Exercise Pitfalls 08/02/2018
    Best in Show: The Health Benefits of Therapy Dogs04/03/2018
    5 Simple Steps to Kick Your Patients' (and Your Own) Sugar Cravings03/28/2018
    Altering the Collision Course: Protective Effects of Omega-3 Intake on Concussions04/04/2018
    Spanning Broadcast Medicine to Big-Wave Surfing: The Life, Career and Hobbies of Dr. Bob Arnot
    Sharing Tools and Assessments for Suicide Prevention Worldwide03/22/2018
    Treating Hip Fractures in Elderly Patients: An Orthopedic Surgeon's Perspective06/06/2018
    Addressing Rheumatic Diseases: Diagnostic and Treatment Updates08/15/2018
    Links between Obesity and Arthritic Joint Pain
    Immune Cells: Are They the Key to Better Allergy and Infection Therapies?05/08/2018
    Food-Proof: A USDA Expert's Tips for Avoiding Food Poisoning04/30/2018
    Millennials and Mental Health: A Generation Wrestling with Depression and Anxiety05/15/2018
    Circadian Rhythm Manipulation in the Treatment of Severe Brain Injury
    Rethinking Nicotine: The Campaign to Break the World's Tobacco Habit04/16/2018
    The Angry Smile: Exploring the Psychological Impacts of Passive-Aggressive Behavior04/18/2018
    Unraveling Health Disparities for Women with Parkinson's Disease
    Olive Oil: The Secret Ingredient Preventing Alzheimer's Disease?
    Redefining the Vegetative State: How Imaging Measures Consciousness05/03/2018
    Understanding Millennial Outlooks: The Shift Toward Social Responsibility06/11/2018
    Does Coumadin Increase the Risk of Hip Fractures?
    The Case for Medical Interoperability: Why Health Information Systems Must Work Together07/26/2018
    How Your Practice's Location May Impact Health Care Costs
    Radiation Nation: The Effects of Cell Phones on Children's Brains06/14/2018
    Villanova Panel Discussion: Career Path Twists and Turns08/09/2018
    Are We Obsessed With Our Fitness Trackers?
    Villanova Panel Discussion: Using Technology to Enhance Patient-Centered Care
    Linking p53 Variation to Breast Cancer Risk in African American Women07/22/2018
    HIV Breakthrough: Cutting and Removing HIV From Genes
    Hot Topic: Can Global Warming Affect Diabetes Rates?
    Companion Allergy Tests: Limitations on Effectiveness
    Finding Calm in Your Daily Life: Lasting Meditation Techniques05/02/2018
    Head's Up! Why Wearing Bike Helmets Can't Be Overlooked04/25/2018
    The Financial Burden of Cancer: Report from the American Cancer Society06/07/2018
    Hair, Tendons, and Skin: Oh My! Biotech's Quest for Tissue Regeneration06/19/2018
    Scientists Uncover Ancient Bacterial Resistance From Era Before Antibiotics
    The Health Dangers of Binge-Watching Television
    Physician Orgs Push to Identify Depression in Mothers and Women of Childbearing Age
    The Rise of E-cigarettes: A Public Health Hazard for Teens?
    FDA Approves Focused Ultrasound Therapy for Essential Tremor
    NIH's Dr. Anthony Fauci on Zika's Origins and Spread
    Flip-Flopping on Flip Flops: Health Risks Wearing Sandals
    No Calories Left Behind: Google Glass as a Dietary Aid
    Researchers Develop Patch for Blood Sugar Regulation in Diabetics
    Hot Flashes: More Than Just Nuisances for Menopausal Women
    Medical Errors: A Silent But Leading Cause of Death in America
    Sports for Teens: A Protectant Against Drug Use?
    India Shifts Health Policies to Curb Unapproved Drug Sales
    CDC Reports American Case of Colistin-Resistant Superbug
    Traditions Unwrapped: The Startling Risks of Swaddling Babies
    Working Too Much: How Extended Hours Affect Cardiac Health
    Recognizing Teen Depression: Updated Screening Guidelines
    The Surprising Brain Health Benefits of Complex Jobs
    Miracles We Have Seen: Astonishing Medical Stories That Defy Logic01/10/2018
    The Rising Diabulimia Epidemic: Safeguarding Diabetic Patients with Eating Disorders08/03/2018
    The Simple and Profound Health Benefits of Smiling09/21/2017
    Why Men Avoid Seeing Doctors, and What to Do About It11/02/2017
    The Right Meds at the Right Time: Medication Decision Support in Clinical Information Systems11/23/2017
    Examining Penile Implants for Surgical Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction11/29/2017
    Hope vs Hype for Medical Marijuana From the Center for Medical Cannabis Education & Research11/27/2017
    Physician, Patient, Minister: One Woman's Three Lenses on Egg Freezing08/10/2018
    When Help is NOT on the Way: Survival Medicine Tactics in Disasters11/28/2017
    Muhammed Ali's Death Prompts Questions Linking CTE and Parkinson's Disease
    Cryoablation for Phantom Limb Pain: Relief for Amputee Patients in Sight?09/28/2017
    Allergic Contact Enteritis: Where Dermatology Meets Gastroenterology12/07/2017
    The Chemicals We Bring into Our Homes: Are Common Household Items Making Us Sick?05/03/2017
    Raising Awareness of Child Abuse in the United States03/22/2017
    Helping Children Process and Cope with Tragic World News05/04/2017
    Speaking Up About IBS: GI Counseling Strategies for Generalists04/20/2018
    Inter-Professional Education: Working Together as a Team
    Managing Increased Costs of Health Care: Insurance Provider Perspectives06/20/2018
    The Future of Consumer-Driven Health Care05/02/2018
    Is Yogurt the Next "Superfood?"
    Health Impacts of the Overworked Lifestyle
    Health Benefits of Weightlifting for Women
    Alternative Indications for In Vitro Fertilization: Do the Benefits Outweigh Risks?
    The Truth About Vitamin D Supplements: How Effective Are They Anyway?
    Are Ultra Marathons Healthy?
    How Adolescent Exercise Shapes Heart Health in Adulthood
    The Mortality of Loneliness
    Insomnia Linked to Increased Risk of Stroke
    Are Football Helmets Actually Effective for Concussion Prevention?
    Can Food Labels promote Healthy Eating?
    Can Strawberries Stave Off Alzheimer's Disease?
    Steroid Injections Increase Bone Fracture Risk
    Reducing Unnecessary Cesarean Sections Nationwide
    Having "The Talk" with Teens: Sexual History Assessments in Adolescent Care
    The Rising Obesity Epidemic in Senior Populations12/01/2016
    Gene Variations Guide Anticoagulation Strategies After Cardiac Catheterization11/23/2016
    Patients on the Crossroads of Care: Clinical Perspectives on the Baby Boomer Generation12/21/2016
    Protect the Head: A Former Pro Football Player's Mission to Prevent Concussions12/22/2016
    New Understandings on The Rise of Kidney Stones Among Children and Adolescents12/28/2016
    Fears over Spread of Zika Virus Grow in the Caribbean
    A Crisis in Slow Motion: Why the Rise of Sedentary Lifestyles Matters01/10/2017
    When it's More than Just Heartburn: Preventing Respiratory Complications of Reflux Disease01/11/2017
    Keeping Track of Changing Guidelines in Cervical Cancer Screening
    Care Navigation with Patient Advocates: Benefits to General Practice01/12/2017
    Controversies in Tobacco Harm Reduction: Is Smoking Cessation the Only Answer?01/17/2017
    Managing Obesity and Pre-Diabetes When Lifestyle Modifications Fail01/18/2017
    Coping with Mass Violence and Terrorism: How Clinicians Can Intervene01/19/2017
    Helping Patients Overcome Travel Anxieties in Uncertain Times01/26/2017
    Mastering the Pre-Participation Physical Exam (PPE): A Sports Medicine Approach06/22/2016
    Best Approaches to Shoulder Injuries: From Orthopedics to Primary Care 05/04/2016
    Overhead Sports Injuries in Young Athletes: Prevention and Management Strategies06/22/2016
    Meet Brian McDonough, MD
    Roles of the Pituitary Gland in Health and Disease: The Clinician's Workup Guide05/04/2016
    Special Health Considerations for Female Athletes07/27/2018
    How to Best Answer "What is This Rash?"10/05/2016
    Pharmacist Perspectives on the Challenging Type 2 Diabetic Patient in Primary Care12/14/2015
    The Family Doc's Guide to Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment03/26/2018
    Screening for HPV-Related Cancers: Medical and Surgical Priorities03/17/2016
    Televised Medical Talk Shows: Health Claims, Evidence, and Accountability06/24/2016
    Obesity in Children and Teens: The Silent Pandemic02/26/2016

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