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The Midwest's First Children's Hospice Opens its Doors

The Midwest's First Children's Hospice Opens its Doors

Eight years in the making, the first children’s hospice center in the Midwest opened their doors this week.

Crescent Cove is holding open houses and giving tours this weekend, but the hospice center won’t be ready for patients until January.

Three weeks ago, Tristan Rodriquez took his final breath. After 18 years of fighting a rare genetic condition called Bohring-Opitz Syndrome, his parents and sister said goodbye in his bedroom.

“We always wanted him to stay [at home],” said Danette Rodriquez. “However, I know hindsight is 20/20, but I sometimes wonder if it would have been better for him to be somewhere else.”

With families like the Rodriquez's in mind, Katie Lindenfelser, the founder and executive director of Crescent Cove, showed Fox 9 what the newly remodeled space will offer children in need of end-of-life care starting in January.

“Places you would never want to be in your life, saying goodbye to your son or daughter and yet this is a place that will hold the sacredness of that time and hopefully allow the opportunity for there to be joy when families come here for either respite or end-of-life care,” said Lindenfelser.

The space nestled on Twin Lake in Brooklyn Center will accommodate up to six children at a time. Thoughtful details are everywhere from a play space for siblings to an interactive wall mural, greeting guests as they enter.

“So vibrant that’s what this place is to be,” said Lindenfelser. “A place of vibrancy and joy and love and lighting the midst of sorrow.”

Crescent Cove is already supporting more than 80 families on a waiting list for time at the center. Many of the families, along with partners from the Minnesota Twins, were at Crescent Cove for a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday.

“Really when it came down to it, I wasn’t prepared for him to go,” said Rodriquez. “It’s hard now living without him.”

Crescent Cove is just the third children's hospice in the country and is funded entirely by donations. For an open house schedule and more information click here.


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