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Advancing Immunology: The Future of Vaccine Innovations

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Presenter Sharon Thomas explores the world of immunology

We already know that vaccination saves millions of lives by working with our bodies natural defences to increase immunity and reduce the risk of infection. But continued cutting-edge research and development is leading to ground-breaking vaccine innovations, including the way they work, how they are delivered, and the diseases they protect us against, bringing renewed hope to future generations. This programme features paid content.

Protection from the flu

Developed and funded by CSL Seqirus

One lesson learned from recent years is that vaccination programmes are vital in providing protection from seasonal and pandemic viruses. As one of the world’s largest influenza vaccine companies, CSL Seqirus is on a mission to provide to the most vulnerable among us protection from life-threatening cases of the flu.

Revolutionising vaccines

Developed and funded by Emergex. Since their first discovery over 200 years ago, vaccines have played a critical role as the first line of defence against some of the world’s most urgent health threats. Through creation of their T cell-priming immune set-point product candidates, Emergex are working to revolutionise the future of vaccine technology to ensure more broad, long-term protection and preparedness for the future through use of their proprietary innovations. What’s more, Emergex T cell-priming set-point candidates are 100% synthetic and designed to protect against families of viruses, including current and future strains/variants, as well as intracellular bacterial diseases.

Vaccines for cancer

Immunotherapy activates the immune system to attack tumours directly and could become a key focus in the treatment of cancer. Oxford Vacmedix are using a new technology, based on Recombinant Overlapping Peptides, to develop vaccines to treat cancer. Their lead vaccine, called OVM-200, is in clinical trials.

Developed with ITN Business and funded by Oxford Vacmedix

The future of vaccine innovation

Vaccines Europe at EFPIA is the voice of the vaccines industry in Europe. Executive Director Sibilia Quilici discusses the innovative vaccines that are currently in the pipeline of Vaccines Europe member companies and their potential impact on global health.

The health of the world

Chief Programme Strategy Officer for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, Aurelia Nguyen explains the current and future strategic direction of Gavi’s vaccine portfolio and what it’s like to have the health of the whole world in her hands.

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Schedule13 Jun 2024