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AD Creative

types and specs

Website banner ads

Device Name Size Max file size Animation Acceptable formats
Desktop RMD website
Desktop speciality websites
Medium Rectangle
Medium Rectangle
Mobile Leaderboard
728x90, 970x90, 970x250
Max 30 seconds/ 3 loops
JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML5* ----with or w/o---- Destination URL or 3rd party tags

Email display ads

Device Name Size Max file size Acceptable formats
Desktop/Mobile Medium Rectangle 300x250 80kb at 72 DPI
JPG, PNG, GIF (Static or Animated) ----with or w/o---- Impression pixel Destination URL

Radio audio ads

Station Length Format
RMD Radio Oncology Radio Rheumatology Radio Cardiology Radio 15s, 30s, 45s, or 60s spots WAV file (44.1k 16 bit or 48k 16 bit) Volume level set to -14LUFS

Website video ads

Device Name Size Max file size Acceptable formats
Desktop/Mobile Pre-roll, mid roll In-stream, maximum 60 seconds 20mb MP4, MOV, VAST

Ad tags and tracking pixels

Overall 3rd party tracking and tag policy:

  • We must receive access to the campaign data to accept the tags and tracking pixels. If we are not given access to the campaign, we will not accept the tag or tracking pixel.
  • Any external or 3rd party tracking must be disclosed, tested, and receive approval by us before being implemented on the platform.
  • 3rd party tracking tags for all campaign creatives must be HTTPS compliant.
  • For Double Verify tags our account is
  • For DCM/GAM tags and tracking pixels our account is

Website banner policy:

  • 3rd party ad tags are accepted from most major ad servers.
  • We do not accept blocking tags.
  • We do not accept impression pixels for image banners.

Email banner policy:

  • We do not accept script-based tags in email (javascript, ins, iframe, etc).
  • We do accept impression pixels. It should always be a 1x1 IMG.
  • We do accept click tags and other tracking URLs.

Blacklists/blocking lists